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A Breath of Relief

Guys. I did it. I wrote a book in eight months with an infant and a job and very little sleep.

I have frequently bemoaned how lonely I’ve been in MI, but that had a lot to do with Getting This Done. I spent every morning and evening and any free time on the weekends working on this. If you’d asked me in January or February or March or April or even May, I wasn’t sure I’d make it.

But I really, really wanted to. I knew it wouldn’t take too much to ask for an extension, but I wanted to prove I could meet a deadline. Because if I could do it now, while sleep-deprived, taking care of a newborn then infant then baby, handling Everything when both baby and Dr Lady were often sick, work 3 days a week, and also somehow find time to eat and shower and exercise – then I would 100% know I could do it and no excuses would ever be enough.

I wanted – no – needed to prove to myself I could do this. And to handle all the daily stress and panic while still enjoying the process. And yes, I didn’t enjoy the process the entire time. Sometimes I just wanted to cry. Sometimes I did. Sometimes I wanted to sleep in, instead of crawling out of bed to the sound of my alarm only an hour after I’d been up with Lady Jr. Sometimes I did. Usually, though – I didn’t.

But I did it. I’m not 100% sure how, not even now, but I’m even a week early. What.

Anyway – I just really needed to get that out. I’m still a little shell-shocked. And now I have another book to write, and there will be edits, and I’m sure new and different and familiar challenges. And – this is my life now. I get to write books! If it sells well when it comes out in 18(ish) months, I’ll get to write more books!




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It’s June!

I’ve been a bit more scarce on here lately because a) I’ve been busier than usual and b) my energy and attention has shifted into high-gear writer mode. I’m working on a short story, still actively querying, researching agents, participating in Twitter, and getting ready for a pitch contest that’s going down tomorrow (!).

I don’t really know what to expect from all that. I’m controlling what I can and being cautiously optimistic, but the odds are ever against an individual writer. It’s a bit like TTC in that regard – you do what you can and there are a few things you can do to maximize your chances, but that’s all they ever are – chances. No guarantees, not ever, but an enduring hope that if you just keep going, you just keep trying, maybe next time…

I just came across a blog the other day, in fact, where a debut author described her journey to authorhood and how it was her sixth book that finally found a home. Six books! Twelve years of writing and rewriting and querying and writing again. I almost can’t wrap my head around it, but at the same time, I’m very impressed with her perseverance.

Then, of course, there are those writers who get a book deal first try, without any of the endless rejections and anguish and hair-tearing – and you can’t help but feel a flash of dark and nasty jealousy.

But it’s luck. It’s market and the whims of agents and whether or not their cat woke them up with a hairball that morning (not really) and whether or not you can write a query and where they are in their own careers etc etc etc.

So you do everything you can, but it’s ultimately out of your hands. And that’s what I’ve been doing.

That and slowly getting rid of our chickens. Oh, and dealing with the 100+ heat. Oh, and trying to plan and get ready for our trip next week (SWITZERLAND WOOOO). My cycle appears to have lined up for a good ole fashioned try at the end of June, but until then, I won’t have much to report on the TTC front.

So it might continue to be a little quiet around here for a week or two (or three), but I promise when we get back from our trip, I will inundate you with photos and worries and hopes and dreams and TMI and random questions about metformin.


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Is the final draft done yet?: YES

Current page count: 209/209

Shots of whiskey: 1

Current problems with the manuscript: there’s probably something left to fix in the beginning or middle or what have you but it’s small and inconsequential and what I’m trying to say is THIS IS DONE



It’s done! It’s been almost exactly nine months of working and writing and rewriting and editing and it’s done! Three drafts. Countless words and hours and minutes and days. Final wordcount: 128,121 which is perfect, I envisioned this originally as somewhere between 125-130k and 128 is perfect. I can add some and I can cut some and it will still be the right length.


Well, even though I am calling this my Final Draft, technically this is Final Draft 1 or First Beta Version. What this means is that the story is pretty much set in stone and I have gone through and fixed continuity and typos and grammar and tightened and lengthened and done everything I can to make this the Best Draft Possible before someone else sees it. There are still errors – oh boy how there are still errors – but at this point my nose has been so close to this work for so long that I am mostly blind to them.

That’s where my betas come in. I have a few good friends who I’ll have read this (hot) mess and get back to me on what works, what doesn’t, what makes sense, what doesn’t, etc. Ideally, small tweaks will happen after that and I’ll have the Query Version, which is the draft of the novel that will get sent out to agents. All sorts of things can happen at that point and since I’ve never gotten beyond the initial querying process, I’m not going to speculate on them now.

Over the course of the next two months, my betas will read and get back to me and I will edit and write So. Many. Query. Letters. Seriously, query letters are usually less than 300 words and yet they can take a full month to write.

After two months – or after I’ve queried to exhaustion, I will pick up a new project and run with it. I already have an idea of what I’m going to work on next, but I shan’t allow excitement yet. I need that excitement to drive me through the next step of this process, because querying is the hardest thing for me.



– wait, absolutely wrong reference.




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WIP Check-in: One Day to Go

Is the final draft done yet?: NO

Current page count: 200/209

Shots of whiskey: 2.5



Yeah, totally not going to finish this tomorrow. But Wednesday? Probably.


I’m just pleased I managed to get anything edited today at all, considering the distractions.


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WIP Check-in: Two Days to Go

Is the final draft done yet?: NO

Current page count: 196/209

Shots of whiskey: 2.5



At this rate I might finish by/on Wednesday. Finishing on Wednesday totally counts as getting this done by April, right??


Other things unrelated to said final draft:

RE appointment tomorrow! Will totally update with what they say afterwards. I am both excited and apprehensive. They said a physical would be included as part of the appointment and I have no idea what all that entails in this context. Speculum? Or just weight and height and blood pressure?

Also I’m still worried about them saying anything regarding being overweight, because according to BMI charts I am, but according to any other reasonable measure, I’m clearly not. :/ It doesn’t help that I’ve been feeling puffy lately.



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WIP Check-in: Three Days to Go

Is the final draft done yet?: NO

Current page count: 189/207

Shots of whiskey: 3

Current problems with the manuscript: how exactly am I supposed to resolve all of this again?


Other things unrelated to said final draft:

Nothing. I have been working on this non-stop since waking up this morning. Every single page is being rewritten, carved anew out of the ether.


I need more whiskey.



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WIP Check-in: Five Days to Go

Is the final draft done yet?: NO

Current page count: 180/207

Glasses of Wine: 1

Current problems with the manuscript: the joys of infodumping, how to effectively split up the party


Other things unrelated to said final draft:

I had my first appointment with the therapist yesterday. It went pretty well, I think. I really don’t like talking for any length of time, least of all about myself, and obviously that’s what most therapy appointments will be, especially the first one. Weirdly, I’m okay with blogging about myself – I think it’s the depersonal aspect and not having someone staring straight at me, actually listening. Plus, I’m used to being interrupted before I say anything too personal or emotional, so.

Anyway. It was an introductory appointment so not much got done, but I already have a good vibe about her. She seems honest and real and not like she’s going to tell me that I need to stop being so weird anytime soon (something a past therapist actually said). I have another appointment next week after our RE visit, which is probably good timing because, like I told her – I’m more than a bit in denial about TTC being a big factor in my depression.



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