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IUI Alpha, CD12: And Thus Begins the Two Weeks

I don’t have confirmed ovulation yet, so I’m hesitant to really get the party started, but I triggered yesterday and we did the IUI this morning sooo…

Do you guys usually start the wait on the day of the IUI, do you wait until you’ve confirmed ovulation? I originally wasn’t going to temp at all this cycle, but I think I’ll just temp over the next few days to make absolutely sure. I know I should just chill – the RE was pleased as punch with the timing after all – but it’s hard not to turn off my “but what could still go wrong??”

Breathe. Reset.

My RE said wait 15 days and then call them if I start or take a HPT and call them if it’s positive. That sounds like a good plan. I don’t want to test at all until I’m at least a little late, so that will be Monday, January 4th. Wow, writing that down makes it look so far away, but hopefully these next two weeks will be heavy with holiday stuff and distractions.

I have a ton of books to read, for one. I really need to get back into writing. I’m talking my wife into going out of town for Christmas and maybe renting a cabin in some snow and mountains. I need to think about 2016 and what I want it to mean for me. I need to let go of 2015. I need to clean the bath tub. I need to see the new Star Wars. I need to hang out with friends. I need to wrap blankets around myself and drink hot cocoa. I have trails to run and barbells to lift.

Here’s to keeping busy.



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IUI Alpha, CD11: Already?!

I just got back from my ultrasound and I am all scheduled for an IUI tomorrow! I responded way awesomely to the letrozole, apparently! I have two follicles that are around 18mm, so yaay. They even went ahead and gave me the trigger shot.

I’m a bit over the moon/incredibly relieved. I was very worried I wouldn’t ovulate until my more usual CD18 or 19, which would have been, well, Christmas. And they’re closed Christmas Eve and Day, understandably. Ya’ll have been around long enough to know if something can go wrong, it will, so you can appreciate the giant sigh of relief I gave when I saw two honkin’ huge follicles.

It was also funny because the RE was like “of course with two, there is always a chance of twins” and I was like “I REALLY DON’T CARE ANYMORE.”

Also it’s nice to do it on the weekend – one less appointment I have to take off from work. Also nice that this particular weekend is going to be incredibly chill. Good. Good.

Now I just have to think of every other possible way this could go wrong between now and tomorrow! 😀


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Small Letrozole Update

I feel fine! No side effects so far at all. I thought I’d update with this none news, since I’m sure there is someone who is googling like crazy trying to find out as much about letrozole right now as I was. 🙂

My guess as to why: letrozole works by inhibiting estrogen production. One of the potential hormonal imbalances behind PCOS is an overabundance of estrogen. It drowns out your FS hormones in the first half of your cycle, making it hard for your body to hear that it’s supposed to be making follicles and shit. Like that jerk on his phone in public, yelling so loud about his dry cleaning that you can’t hear your friend next to you trying to get your attention. So letrozole is someone approaching that jerk and politely telling him to quiet it.

For ladies with PCOS, letrozole isn’t inducing hypoestrogen – which is when you get all those fun side effects like hot flashes etc – but bringing your hormones into better balance. Of course, it’s also a bit of a blunt instrument, so depending on where you fall in the PCOS spectrum, you might get symptoms.

Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself…

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IUI Alpha, CD3: Anti-Cancer Regimen Apparently

First day of letrozole! All the googling I did these last few days to find out side effects and when would be best to take it and whether or not caffeine interferes didn’t really teach me anything, but I did learn that letrozole is an anti-cancer drug.

So, coupled with the recent research showing that metformin is likewise protective and an anticancer agent, I can rest at night knowing that I at least won’t get cancer.

…right? Right guys? That’s how this works?? 😀


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IUI Alpha: CD1, Here We Goooo

Your Mario reference for the day.

There has always been one very predictable thing for me in this TTC game, and that is CD1. Today, I am grateful for that. It meant I didn’t have to be on my toes, waiting, waiting, waiting for once.

Now we just have to wait for our tank to get to the RE. It should’ve been there yesterday, but apparently it took a tour of KY first. UPS, I don’t think you know what 2-day shipping means. Hopefully the tank is fine? The internet says they should last 5-7 days, and today would be day 5 since it was shipped, so.

Anyway. I’m going to try not to think about all the other things that could go wrong and focus on how many positives we have going for us now.


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In Need of Motivation and: SoA PCOS Diet Day 8

I’m barely a week into this low-carb, me-specific, n=1, PCOS diet and already I want to say fuck it and go back to not giving a fig about carbs. I knew it would be hard going in, and I knew I wouldn’t really “see” a change – not a big one, anyway – but damn if it’s not hard o keep going when absolutely nothing has changed.

Today is CD26 and I haven’t ovulated and I want to cry. I was so hopeful when my cycle picked right back up after my bout of pneumonia. Obviously eating healthfully and exercising and sleeping and drinking green tea and taking metformin and not. stressing. would mean my cycle would keep up its end of the bargain, right? But apparently my cycle and I never agreed to the terms of that bargain.

I *know* a week isn’t anything in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still incredibly disheartening to see no change. Especially because I’m not 100% convinced it’s the carbs, anyway. But everything I’ve read indicates that sticking to low carb is The Best Thing, so here we are.

I’ve promised myself that if I stick with this until Thanksgiving, I can have a no-counting-carbs day, complete with a reasonable amount of pecan pie and some butter-soaked sweet potatoes. I will also run a 5k that morning to help mitigate the damage, but I’m not planning on going overboard.

I’m trying not to count ahead and think about what a long cycle now means for January TTC, but it’s hard. And again, very discouraging. I never considered my cycle would play the long game now, nor how that might interfere with starting. Once we’re on the drugs, it’ll be fine. But getting to that point might be fun (see: not). We were only going to have time for 2-3 tries in an ideal world. I guess I should plan for the possibility of not even having that.

For now, here I am, holding myself accountable even though I very desperately want to throw in the towel.


Day 8 of the SoA PCOS Diet of Awesome was all right. I had:

  • 71g carbs – depending on whether or not I can get up the energy, I might make a lower carb mug cake that will bump this up by 15g
  • Greens, two eggs, and half an avocado
  • Full fat yogurt and lowcarb granola, slices of salame
  • Pumpkin chili
  • Full fat cottage cheese with cinnamon
  • Burger with sauerkraut and roasted beets, + goat cheese

Probably eating too much dairy, but I’m making certain it is organic at least. I just don’t know what else that’s low carb to eat that isn’t a) meat or b) avocados. I’d do nuts, but my granola is 99% walnuts and I don’t want to overdo nuts. Suggestions?


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Tattoos and: SoA PCOS Diet Day 3

Now that I am gainfully employed once again, I am less anxious about money and can look at more frivolous things than say, paying rent or buying food. Like finally getting a tattoo.

I have for some time wanted a tattoo. Since college. It was going to be a tiny little thing on my wrist originally, an hourglass that would be my momento mori. My wife and I both were going to brave the pain and get tattoos a year and a half ago. But then time slipped by and depression slipped in and job worries blossomed and money became tight and getting a tattoo was put – again – on the back burner. It was easy to put off because it’s such a big, permanent thing. I mean, do I really want one?

But then this past summer I realized I wanted something more. I wanted something that would symbolize freedom – the ability to choose and pursue my own destiny. To remember that it is always my choice to be where I am. And I remembered a tiny little tattoo I’d seen on a fellow crossfitter – little wings on the sides of her feet.

I knew at once that was what I wanted. Hermes’ wings. Runners get that kind of tattoo a lot, and I run, but – that’s not why I want them. For me, Hermes’ wings symbolize freedom, the ability to get up and go if you choose, to transcend, to move, to keep moving. This past year has taught me more than anything that my choices are my own, and the situation is mine if I am willing to take it. I want a reminder that I did that, that I can do it again, that whenever I feel trapped, I have the power to get up and fly.

It also helps that Hermes/Mercury has always been my patron god. 🙂 He’s the patron of literature, fittingly, as well as travelers, wit, and, um, thieves. Not that I’m a thief myself, but I appreciate that darker aspect of him.

And last but not least, Hermes = Mercury = Sailor Mercury, who is my patron senshi. Do I need to say anything else? 😛

So it’s perfect, in so many ways. Except I still have to decide on size! I was hoping those of you with tattoos might be able to share your experiences? Your delights/regrets?

Right now I’m looking at


For example: do you wish you had gone bigger on your tattoo? Or smaller?

What kind of issues might you have with a bigger tattoo that you wouldn’t with a small one?

Is there anything else I should consider?

Thank you! ❤


Day 3 of the SoA PCOS Diet of Awesome went easier than Day 2! I had:

  • 105g carbs 😦
  • But 24g of fiber! 🙂
  • Making 81g net carbs. Decent.
  • Kale, two eggs and some nutritional yeast for breakfast
  • A bit of gouda and some salame for snack
  • Sauerkraut, roasted apples and fennel, and pork chop for lunch
  • Granola, kombucha, and cottage cheese for afternoon snack, and then an emergency Exo cricket bar because I was huuungry
  • Homemade pho for dinner (with those “miracle” carb-free noodles)

I was still surprisingly hungry yesterday, but the fatty snacks helped. My energy has evened out already, so I’m not crashing as hard in the afternoon. Sleeping better, too – although I wonder how much of that is because I no longer get naps. 🙂

I’m using MyFitnessPal to track all of this and it has a nifty feature where you can just copy and paste a meal from the day before. That has helped a lot, but there must be some further ways to streamline this. I resent having to catalog every.thing.I.eat.


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