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Diary of a Strong Mom: August


Why yes, that is a sub 20min 2 miles. The first time I’ve done that in, well, ever. At least that I’ve been tracking. I am well on track to run my 3.1 miles in sub 31 minutes. Hell, I could have slowly jogged the rest of the last mile and still hit my goal.

So of course, the competitive side of me wants to try to hit sub 30min. My fastest 5k ever was 30min and change, so that would be an epic PR for me. And even more empowering because I weigh the most now (outside of pregnancy) that I’ve weighed in well over 15 years. So to be able to PR my 5k time right now? Yeah, that’ll be the best birthday present to myself.

Aside from running, I’ve also taken up a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts aka Fighting 101) class three times a week. It was largely in response to all the anger and frustration that I’ve felt with the news and a certain president lately, but it was also a present to myself to help me Get the Fuck Out of the House. I work at home and, while this is absolutely amazing and gives me time to work out and write, it’s also incredibly isolating.

So now three times a week, I help get the baby into bed, pull on some shorts, and head 2min down the road to a studio where I’ve been learning how to kick, block, grapple, and punch. It’s a lot of fun, except I somehow pinched a nerve the first week and so had to ditch the last two classes. But I’ll be back tonight. Just, maybe, I’ll take it a little easier.

And for reading all that you get ONE BABY PHOTO because tomorrow she will be 10 months and then you will get ALL THE BABY PHOTOS.

August DITL



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Late-Pregnancy Induced Madness

I get it. I really get it now.

I thought – oh, it’s only a few weeks until the end. That’s not much time to go crazy. And everyone knows that first time moms go past their due date. So I know that, too.

But I also thought – hey, JUST IN CASE we should get everything ready. And clean the house. And pack the hospital bag. And dye hair. And put together the crib. Because if we don’t, we’ll totally be blindsided.

And I also thought – this could happen at any time. I mean, I know that statistically it won’t, but it still could.

And then I thought – we just have to make it to October 1st. Lady Jr can come any time after that if she wants. No running/trampoulines/nipple tweaking/giant chocolate cakes until after that date.

And now it’s October 5th and I still have 5 days left until my due date and yet I am 100% convinced that because I haven’t gone into labor yet, I will be pregnant forever.

How did this happen??

I don’t know (yes I do: see preparation fatigue), but I’m playing labor Bingo (is that a contraction? no… is that a contraction?? no…) and looking at the weather. According to this here study – Meteorological factors and timing of the initiating event of human parturition – there is a real (if small) association between high atmospheric pressure and the onset of labor.

And lo, if there isn’t a storm system coming through at the end of this week, followed by a pressure spike.


So somehow I’ve been reduced to weather-watching in the hopes that I can somehow predict the unpredictable.

I can only imagine how much worse this will get once I pass my due date.


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I do not have GD!

I think I psyched myself up to receive bad news and now I’m just ecstatic. So now I just keep on doing like I’ve been doing, which is exercising regularly and not overdoing it (much) on cake.

I’m just so glad I don’t have to be neurotic about carbs. This pregnancy is the first time I haven’t been on a diet or allergic to something in my entire adult life and the prospect of having to start counting carbs and watching everything Very Closely had me close to tears.


Okay, now time to find an OB in Michigan.


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House Hunting

Well, that was a week.

We saw 21 houses in two days, narrowed it down to three, and finally offered on one yesterday. They accepted our offer late last night, while we were flying home.

Assuming the house inspection goes all right and Murphy’s Law doesn’t take affect, we’ll be closing right around the time we arrive in Michigan.

I’m a little woozy and hungover from it all. I would definitely not advise trying to find and offer on a house in three days, but if that’s your only option, it is doable. And for the third time in our home-hunting lives (well, apartments before this one), our plane tickets have been worth the expense because we picked a house that wasn’t in our top 5.

We also learned a lot from looking at all those houses. I can more confidently pick out a house on Zillow based on photos and description alone than before. But then, it really depends on the area/market/etc. Our experience house hunting in MI was vastly different from experiences I’ve read/heard about house hunting in Denver, Georgia, and even here in Arizona. You just gotta know what’s going on and how that affects prices.

For example, for us it meant:
a) Yes, overall houses are super cheap
b) But there’s a reason some are even cheaper than others, and
c) That market is still in the beginning of recovering from the foreclosure crisis

Meaning lots and lots of empty, abandoned houses. Lots of otherwise good houses in semi-empty neighborhoods. Lots of houses with pretty skin – i.e. new paneling, new paint, new windows – but really bad bones. Since the market is already pretty cheap, it just doesn’t make financial sense for someone to put a lot of money into repairing a house when that won’t translate to much of an increase in value. So you get slap-dash cosmetic repairs that look great in photos but don’t make the place safer.

All that is to say that after the first few really bad houses, we were able to just poke our heads inside and decide pretty quickly. Our priorities shifted from a cool kitchen and good looks to solid structure. And then when we finally found the One, we both knew it.

Yeah, but what about the house??

Well, it’s in our price range, which means it’s not super fancy. It was a rental, so it’s a bit of a blank slate, but it’s in really great shape. Two bedrooms, clean basement, big open kitchen, nice yard, in a great neighborhood, and close to Dr Lady’s new job. Honestly, not as Cool or Exciting as some of the other houses, but we won’t have to do anything to it and it’ll be a lot easier to sell when we move on.

Now comes the fun part of hoping there are no delays and everything comes together right when we get there.


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SoA PCOS Diet Day 1

I promise not to catalogue every day of the next two, three, forever months, but I am going to check in semi-regularly in the beginning to help stay on track. With these sorts of changes, the first two weeks are the hardest for me.

Today went pretty well, although I definitely missed having an afternoon cookie. My biggest take-away is just how far over on my carbs I must have been eating these past few weeks, because by staying away from fruit and obvious carb-loads like sweet potatoes and, well, cookies, I still barely managed to stay around 100g. Gah! So how high must it have been with the pizza and the beer and the dried fruit??

Today’s carb count: 105g total. (~22% of calories for the day)

Net carbs (minus fiber): 85g

Not bad for a first day, and for not having planned my meals for the week around low carb. I’m aiming for no more than 20% of calories from carbs, so I’ll have to be a little more careful, but I’m not going to sweat 5g. Most of those carbs were from vegetables, which is fine – and which is also why I’m looking at net carbs.

Breakfast was: greens, two eggs, and celery root hash (so good!)

Morning snack was: homemade paleo granola, plain full fat kefir

Lunch was: roasted pork chop with an applesauce marinade (aah, there’s some carbs), roasted fennel & apple & red onion, and sauerkraut

Afternoon snack was: an Epic bar

Dinner was: homemade pho with “miracle” noodles (no carbs) aaand a pumpkin beer


Obviously, I could do better. I could have eschewed that beer or used a different marinade on the pork or skipped over the granola. Maybe tomorrow. But tonight, my wife is at a writing class and I am home alone, researching PCOS, elevated LH levels, and the lowest vegetables on the GI – so I think a few extra carbs are okay. 🙂

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