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seattleDITL (2 of 2)Well, we’re back! We got home Tuesday afternoon with plenty of time to get groceries and do some cooking and laundry and chores and – of course we just pet cats and went to bed early instead.

Seattle was good. It was amazing and autumnal and everything we remembered and then it was time to go home, and that was good, too. It felt a lot like closure, honestly. We left after only two years there and neither of us was ready to go at the time. We’ve missed it for the last five years and built it up more than a little in our memories. So going back was like coming home, in a way – it was so familiar, (almost) everything the way we had left it, but we were different.

We exulted in the food and the sights and the leaves and yes, even the rain, but by Monday we were ready to go home – back to Arizona and sunlight and open skies and starry nights. Seattle was good for us when we lived there and it was a good place to visit, but I don’t know when we’ll be back. It was good to finally be able to say good bye.

Whew, that got heavy. Here, have some photos after the cut.

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And Now for Something A Little Happier: #100Happydays

I started #100HappyDays here on this blog last autumn, but I only made it a few weeks in. Blogging it daily was just too much effort to sustain, especially coupled with using my brick of a digital camera. Don’t get me wrong, I love that beast, but it is not conducive to portability.

Now, I have a fancy schmancy smartphone with all its fancy schmancy camera abilities and apps that fits in my pocket and goes everywhere with me. I got instagram a while ago and used it off and on, then remembered #100HappyDays when things started to get dark again and decided to try it. I don’t know how much it’s actually helped in the moment, but looking back I’m able to see little glimmers of good amongst all the oppressive sad, and it helps me to remember that not everything is awful.

Unfortunately, you guys tend to get a lot of the darkest posts, because writing it out helps me get through those days. And I feel like I need to remember that here, too, and talk about it and acknowledge it. So I’m going to do a few #100HappyDays round-ups to both brighten this place up and also look back and remember that the good things.

Here’re a few of my favorites from the first few weeks.

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Two Less Things to Wait On

Of course as soon as I wrote that post yesterday, the universe decided to answer some of my silent pleas. Not much, mind you, but enough to bolster me up and make me feel like I’m not just spinning my little hamster wheel around and around and around.

1) My temp is officially up! Which means I ovulated (hoorah!) and now I can kind of project into the future about when we can expect to TTC. The even awesomer thing is that I ov’ed on CD18 again – just like last cycle – just like most of my more normal cycles.

So I guess met is doing its job? Honestly, I assumed it would shorten my cycle, but instead it appears to be, well, keeping it at my normal. Which is fine! And honestly, I prefer that, because if my body insists on 32-34 day cycles, then there’s probably a good reason for it.

While two points make a line, you need a third point for confirmation. I’m definitely going to project out and hope for another CD18 ov day next cycle, but I certainly won’t assume that will be the case. I don’t know what to do about predicting it, either, since OPKs just don’t appear to work for me (yay PCOS!). I’m not even sure I want to try them again, because of all the stress they gave me in the past. The RE said we should just insem every other day starting CD10, but that seems hella early. How do you other PCOS ladies try to predict this shit?

& 2) I received an MS request! That is, one of the agents I queried wants to see the whole novel. Yay! There’s still a 97% chance of the agent passing on it, but I was really hoping this would be the novel that got me multiple MS requests. The last novel I queried I only got one, which was a step up from none before, so now – if I’m truly improving and learning – I should at least get more than one.

I’m fairly confident I can get a second MS request because my query letter is sooo much better and next week I’m planning on participating in the twitter competition #pitmad which will get my pitch in front of dozens of agent eyes.

Okay, okay – thank you universe. Both of these couldn’t have come at a better time.


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Happy Days, Day 23



This could be an every day happy moment, or at least on those days when I actually hit word count. I participated in National Novel Writing Month religiously in high school and through college and learned the power of a daily word count goal. A few hundred – or thousand – words doesn’t seem like much, but consistently and over the course of a month, two months, three, suddenly you have something substantial.

I broke up with NaNoWriMo somewhat unpleasantly several years ago because I thought it had gone all askew and unfocused, but really we’d just grown apart. We’re now (just) friends and I’ve since made a point of making time for the things I kept claiming were important in my life, and now writing is a daily… well not quite habit, but definitely a daily part of my life. NaNo taught me a lot, but the primary thing was not just the power of a daily count, but the power of a visual graph. Suddenly you can see your words adding up, and you can see your goal coming closer.

Or for me, really, it’s more that I can see when I miss a day, and that quickly becomes unacceptable. So here’s my happy moment in a graph, the collective words from the last month and a half and the words to (hopefully) come. If you look closely, you can see more than just a few days that I haven’t made count or missed entirely, but the beauty is that all together – those days don’t matter. Not one bit.

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Happy Days Project – Day 21

Day 21


I have a few photos from all those happy days I skipped, and I’ll probably get caught up at some point, but right now it’s far less stressful to just jump in where I can.

Summer all I wear is a skirt + blouse. It gets very dull very quick, so I am super excited for autumn if only because it means I can start making things a little more interesting. In fact, my coworkers know that it’s finally fall because that is when I break out my knee socks. I might have a knee sock addiction. If you’re ever looking for knee socks – or socks in general – Sock Dreams is probably the only place you’ll ever need to go. You’re welcome.

I’ve never been good with fashion and I’ve lamented time and again that it’s a shame I hate pants so much, because otherwise I’d be the kind of person who just wore jeans + t-shirt and called it good. Alas, I wear skirts instead, which means I have to at least try to match sometimes. Or dresses.

This is what usually results. A sort of hodge-podge of colors and styles that I claim works and therefore I can usually get away with. But you know what, this particular podge made me really happy yesterday. So. There. 😛



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Happy Days Project – Days 13 & 14

Day 13


Happy November! Our week had been a little on the hectic side, so I decided I wanted a slow morning. This looked like a long, lovely sunrise walk, then an hour writing, and finally an hour (or two, I was purposefully not keeping track) of sitting on the couch with the windows open, sometimes wrapped in our boo blanket, sometimes not, sipping broth and reading a good book.

I finally leveled up my broth by doing the obvious and adding onion & carrots & celery during the last hour and omg it is so delicious. I was drinking the stuff out of duty before but now it’s just absolutely divine. Then I read about a place called Brothl (which is unfortunately not here) and have been taking broth inspiration from their menu. A little seaweed is delicious. I’m working up to chicken feet. o.o

And then, as if all that wasn’t lovely enough, a cat came and sat on my lap, purring, for a good while.


Day 14


Sunday is cooking day in our household, and it also means grocery-getting. I have developed an appreciation for the American food system, even while I also know it’s highly destructive and unsustainable. But after living in Russia for a few months and seeing the severely anemic state of their vegetables, I can’t help but fall in love with those gorgeous displays of greens and broccoli and beets and parsley here.

It’s also the potential at the beginning of the week, looking at what we got and thinking about the delicious things we can make. By Wednesday I’m always tired of whatever we have / made, but Sunday is still a little magical.

That’s all to say that I’m grateful that a) we can find such lovely greens (and our garden is finally producing some, too), b) we are fortunate enough to afford such lovely greens (I recognize this is for many people a luxury and I hope someday that won’t be the case), and c) we have the time to actually do something with them.

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Happy Days Project – Days 11 & 12

Day 11

Pumpkin Carvin'

Thursday was a little easier. I’d been planning on carving my pumpkin all week. It’s taken me several years, but I’ve finally learned not to carve two weeks, even one week, in advance. The desert just dries things out too quickly. We’ve totally had two carving sessions just because the first pumpkin turned into a caved-in wreckage within days.

So this year I said: no more! I will carve the day BEFORE Halloween and no sooner! Unfortunately, this does not mesh well with other people’s schedules (seeing as how it was mid-week), so I went without carving buddies. Still. It was something to look forward to, another slice of my favorite season.

Pumpkin Carvin'

And yes, even though it was contrived happiness (planning etc), it was still a bright point of my day. Work has been blah all week and the weather has been warming up instead of cooling down and I want to go on all the hikes but it’s dark by the time I get home… but I stuck my blade in that pumpkin and all of that melted away. Okay, maybe not quite melted, but definitely took a backseat.

Pumpkin Carvin'

Day 12

Halloween! Now that it’s finally here (and past), the holiday feels bittersweet. On the one hand, Halloween is the culmination of fall everything with spookiness and sugar to boot. On the other hand, since it is the culmination for our culture – and not the halfway point as it should be – as soon as the day is over it’s Christmas-Christmas-Christmas from here until January. Don’t get me wrong – I like winter and snow and sleighbells and peppermint everything like a normal person – but Christmas is only the beginning of winter and the whole “happiest time of year” for two months straight makes me want to strangle santa.

Wait. This is a happiness post.

I was surprised by what made me happy today (Friday). I thought it would be the evening or some decorations or the jack-o-lanterns in the window. But what made me happiest was (finally) putting in the effort and dressing up for work.

scale makeup

I put a lot of effort into my costume and was pleased with the results. I learned how to apply most of the make-up from a friend and then practiced several times to get it just right. Well. Right enough.

There was more to the costume than just the makeup, but whatever. That part made me happiest. I even won 3rd place in the contest (behind a shark-nun in 1st and another nun in 2nd ;.;).

Anyway, in conclusion I don’t normally dress up for Halloween, but I’m really glad I did and I had a lot of fun and I want to do it next year. o.o What has happened.

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