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First Fever

We’ve had several colds already, but this is Lady Jr’s first fever. I have to admit, it was a little scary at first. She developed it on Saturday, although she seemed pretty peaky on Friday, and I freaked out a little.

We monitored it hourly and gave her tylenol. The tylenol did wonders – brought down the fever and she almost seemed like her usual happy self. But the fever was still there Sunday and Sunday night so we called the doctor first thing Monday morning and took her in.

Official verdict: no ear infection, no bronchitis, “just” a cold.

I was floored. I honestly didn’t believe the doctor at first. I’ve never heard of a cold with a fever and Lady Jr didn’t really have another other cold symptoms… except that she had (re)developed her cough and seemed ever-so-slightly congested. I graciously took the doctor’s word for that moment, and then googled when I got home and lo and behold – colds don’t usually include a fever except in children. Huh. Okay.

This baby has had more colds in the past two months than I can remember having my entire life. So I guess she doesn’t get that from me. On the plus side, maybe she’ll dodge the bullet with flu? As a kid, I had the flu (with excessive fever and vomiting! joy!) all. the. time.

Anyway. Just like with her first cold, I feel a whole lot more chill now that she’s had her first fever. It wasn’t pleasant – for her or us – but we handled it and we kept an eye on it and it went away (yaaay).

The best part? She slept the best she has in weeks this weekend, poor tired pumpkin. Every chunk was 2 hours and there might have even been a 3 hours in there somewhere and yes, she woke up screaming and wouldn’t go back to sleep unless nursed (sore throat, probably), but hot damn I’ll take that over the 30-90min nonsense we’d been getting.

Anyway. In case anyone else out there didn’t know – colds apparently can have fevers. There you go.



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