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IUI Beta, 4DPO: Silly Things

My therapist talks a lot about normalizing the TTC process as much as possible, so it can better recede into the background of my mind instead of constantly clamoring at the front and taking up much-needed mental real estate.

One way we considered doing this – because so much about lesbian TTC is not normal and well out of our comfort zones – was to take a pregnancy test every day of the two week wait. I scoffed at this at first, but then I was like “well maybe.” So I got a bunch of extra cheap HPTs before this cycle and now is the time to see if it helps.

Of course, I missed the first few days because I’m bad at remembering things like this first thing in the morning. But I caught today and left the stick for me to find much later.

In my sleepiness I had left it to dry upside down, so I had to turn it over before I could throw it away. And what did I see but two little lines. I stared stupidly at the thing for a whole 10 sec, because wtf that’s impossible at 4DPO and I didn’t even get a trigger, before I realized that the stick’s handle was the wrong color and oh, it had little LHs all over it.

OMG. Somehow an OPK ended up in my HPT pile! Thank god I started testing today when I knew it was way, way too early. I had a little laugh at myself then promptly resolved to double check each one before using it. 🙂


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