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Google Understands

Okay, so maybe the feeling isn’t quite the same. Not even by a long shot. But there are certainly a lot of conflicting emotions, expectations, and surrealness surrounding both.

It makes sense afterward. There’s so much heaped on that moment – by us, by our community, by society. And above all, we are supposed to feel nothing but pure joy. There is no room for any other emotion, certainly no conflict, certainly no confusion. Be happy. Just be happy. Why aren’t you happy??

Funny how so few things in life are truly that cut and dry. Processing takes time, especially for any major event in your life. And in our era of instant connection, it’s so easy to get instant feedback, to give instant feedback, instead of just taking a day – or a week – and cocooning yourself and letting all the emotions wash over you, accepting them, letting them go, and sifting through them until you get to the ones that feel right.

All that’s to say – I remember being handed a purpleish, bloody, tiny creature with a scrunched up face and thinking what the heck is this? Then falling in love over the subsequent days and weeks.

The same is apparently truer of covers than I’d expected. Except, well, it wasn’t bloody. I mean. A little bloody. And I’ve run through the whole rollercoaster of emotions this past week, all the way from what have I done to holy shit this is my life now. So perhaps Google knows.

I tend to resist the common narrative that babies and books can be compared, because when it comes down to it, I will burn the world for Lady Jr, while I might get into a Twitter spat for my book. But at least when it comes to conflicting and surprising emotions, well.

Not wrong, Google. Not wrong.

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2011 in Books

At the beginning of 2011, I set a goal (through Goodreads) to read at least 40 books this year. In 2010, I’d barely managed 25. This year, I hit 42.

I think a lot about reading. It’s one of my longtime favorite activities and as a writer, it is absolutely essential. It’s good in so many, many ways but, just like a lot of things which are good for us, sometimes we simply don’t take the time to prioritize and fit them into our lives. I had a lot of time through my job last year and through riding the bus every day. But now, sans job and therefore also bus, I’m going to have to be a little more conscious about making sure I do read.

And being a little more conscious about what I’m reading and what I’ve read so that in a year or two or ten, I haven’t completely forgotten everything. Goodreads has helped with that, but I’m still not very good at writing down my thoughts. So I collected together all forty of the books I read last year and wrote a little bit about each – a short blurb on what it’s about, then what I thought. I’ll share with you just the last fifteen or so, but in the coming year I’m going to have a monthly weigh-in post on what I’ve read and my thoughts. Because I freaking love books and a lot of what I’ve read recently has come from fellow bloggers’ recommendations and I’d like to pass that along.

Read on for a 2011 review – in books: Continue reading

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