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2 Years

And just like that, we have a two year old.

The time has flown and the time has crawled. I can believe it; I can’t believe it.

Yet here we are.

I worried before getting pregnant that I wouldn’t actually enjoy having a kid. I worried while pregnant that I wasn’t the kid type. I worried two months post partum if I’d made a serious mistake because newborns were so, so hard.

And then things started getting easier. Sleep came and stayed. Giggles became full-bellied laughter. Crawling became toddling became chasing around the house.

I love being a mother. I love it so so much. It has been so far beyond any and all of my expectations it’s difficult to even put into words.

But I still try.

Today we’re going to a pumpkin patch and then later it’ll be time for cupcakes. Her birthday was actually earlier in the week, but with two working moms, well.

Happy birthday, Lady Jr.


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