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A Year in Reflection: Photos

Oops I got excited and made a bunch of collages.




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The Next Room at Daycare

I’m a bit feverish, so it’s time to write an update!

Lady Jr started in the Infants 2 room at daycare this week. They move babies in there when they reach a certain level of mobility and there they stay until they’re two. It’s a small thing, but it’s made me realize our little baby is fast on her way to becoming a little toddler.

She got to eat big kid food, which is awesome because now we don’t have to send lunch every day. She also seemed a lot happier when she got home – it seems like she’s starting to actually play with other babies. And I’m sure now that the cacophony of crying newborns is gone, that helps too.

It’s only been two days of course, but they spent most of August transitioning her and even before that she’d been going over at the end of the day when all the infants had been picked up (we seem to be the only ones with a 9-6 schedule).

But it’s just another reminder that October is coming.


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Diary of a Strong Mom: Day 1

Bundled up Lady Jr in the running stroller and went for a run. Even though it was 45 degrees and windy, she seemed fine. I had a blast. This is the third time I’ve run with the stroller and it definitely has a learning curve.

I expected that pushing the stroller would tire me out, but this one (Thule Urban Glide, for those interested) rolls smooth as silk. In fact, perhaps too smoothly. I end up spending more energy keeping the stroller from getting too far ahead of me.

But I am learning. The first time, I ran for maybe 5min, mostly to let Lady Jr get used to the motion. The second time, 10min. Today: 24min. And at the end, I felt like I could keep going, if I really wanted. Next time I’ll try for 30min.

My goal with running – aside from just getting out and having fun – is to get back into 5k shape. We live near a park that has 5ks almost every weekend and I want to participate in one of those – with the stroller – before summer’s end.

For May in general, I’ve decided that my only goal is to get consistent again. So if I can run with Lady Jr at least once a week, and run in general twice a week, I’ll consider that goal met. Come June, I’ll take a look at the 5k schedule, pick one, and commit. I don’t care about PRs yet – just completion.

Anybody else run with a stroller? Tips? Stories? General love? ❤


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Not a Cold

It’s roseola! Woooooo.

I noticed baby had a funky rash all over her torso this morning, but her fever was gone and she seemed more like her usual self, so I sent her to daycare. Daycare called about an hour later and to say the rash was up under her chin and down on her legs, too. I mentioned that she’d had a fever and they said those two things seem to go together a lot and then said they’d keep an eye on it.

A quick google later and I have an exact match: roseola. So it’s *not* a cold. I was right. I mean, yes, it can be considered a respiratory virus, so maybe it falls under the cold umbrella, but it is not “just” a cold.

Anyway, apparently the tell-tale signage is that a mild rash will break out as soon as the fever goes away, which is what has happened. She should have stopped being contagious once her fever went away, so at least I don’t feel too guilty about leaving her at daycare. I just… there’s really nothing you can do for a virus except rest, and they’re doing a better job of getting her naps in today than all of last week, so. And after taking part of Monday and all of yesterday off, I’m kind of swamped with work.

And tired, but that’s a given. Aside from a 2 hour screamfest last night, Lady Jr (mostly) slept all right. I still don’t know what to do when she gets going like that. We cuddle, we nurse, we give her tylenol, gas drops, change her diaper, hold her, put her down, check her temp, repeat, repeat, repeat – but she’s inconsolable until either the tylenol kicks in or she wears herself out. This seems to happen with every cold and I suspect it’s a sore throat but she screams like she’s dying and it’s just so intense. But then she falls asleep and morning comes and everything is fine.

Anyway. Just thought I’d update, since cold+fever was actually not a cold. Oh doctors.


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I couldn’t do it last night. I cried off and on all day. I was too exhausted to do anything but lie down during my lunch break, even though I didn’t sleep. I went to bed when the baby went to bed. And when she cried, I held her and cried, too.

I wish I could then say that the Attachment Parenting Fairy came and blessed us with a wonderful, cuddly night. Hahahahah. No. It was worse than usual. Instead of 2ish hours in the beginning, she was up. every. single. hour.

I’m at my wit’s end. I think tonight I’m going to go sleep in the office for part of the night and maybe tomorrow, when I’m not such a mess, we can reevaluate.

Edited: It’s possible we’ve just started Leap 5. She has been a bit clingier/fussier these last few days, but I wasn’t sure if that was because of her shitty sleep. Another tell for this leap is for sleep to get worse, but, well, it didn’t have anywhere to get worse from, so I didn’t even consider it. :/


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Sleep Redux

On the one hand, Lady Jr slept ah-ma-zing Friday night. Four hour chunks the whole way through. I woke up to her cries at one point feeling refreshed and ready for the day – it was only 2.30am.

On the other hand, she was back to her old antics last night, if possibly even worse. She was fussing every 20, 30min for the first three hours and then waking up every 2 hours after that, and then tried to get up for the day before 6am.

The only difference I can see is that on Friday, she was at daycare and got little to no naps – maybe an hour? On Saturday, she was with us, and got 3ish hours worth of naps. This seems counter to everything I’ve read about infant sleep – sleep begets sleep, right? And a bad day of naps “should” beget a bad night of sleep. Yet.

So. I don’t know. Friday night was both amazing because it brought me back from the verge of sleep dep, and awful because going through another sleepless night was suddenly much worse. I’d gotten so excited. Why did I let myself get so excited.

On the positive side, I know she *can* go more than 2 hours without eating at night. She can sleep soundly and restfully and not twitch and fuss and cry constantly. Now we just need to figure out *how*.


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9 vs 17 weeks, a study in monkeys

I can’t believe I missed this. Since Lady Jr has clearly almost outgrown the monkey onesie, it’s probably a good time to look back at the first time she wore it, at 9 weeks, vs now:


Crazy how much she’s changed! Those cheeks, zomg.


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