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Summer, finally


I’m pretty sure we skipped straight from winter to summer. Not two weeks ago we were in the midst of an ice storm and now it’s hitting 80 and everything is life-ing as hard as it can.

And I love it.

As soon as Lady Jr was walking confidently, I was ready to start taking her outside. Unfortunately, that’s when the weather dropped and the snow came back with a vengeance. I tried going outside with her anyway, but she was having none of it. After a while, I gave up trying to go out myself.

But now we’re out every day. Lady Jr will grab our shoes and bring them to us in an attempt to get us to go outside. She bangs on the back door and if we let her out, she navigates the stairs on her own – usually by scooting – and then runs across the yard to the garage to get the stroller. Literally overnight, she went from hating the stroller to begging for walks.


Growing up in Florida, where summer was an endless slog of humidity, heat, and bugs, I never learned to appreciate summer. Then of course, there was our stint in Arizona, where summer meant bubbling asphalt and third degree burns.

I still can’t shake my lingering animosity toward summer, but man – what a difference it makes to be able to just go outside. Whenever.

We were able to start a garden this year because Lady Jr will mostly amuse herself outside now – by digging in dirt, but well.

We’ve already been to the nearby play area a few times, and Lady Jr has learned how to climb the stairs to get to the slide. She still won’t go down the slide, but, well.

She’s also enamored by birds. Every time one flies by, she points and makes this happy little noise. It’s so friggin cute.

Basically, I am so glad it’s summer and so looking forward to all the things we’ll be able to do and show Lady Jr. I want to hit up all the parks and go for all the walks and teach her how to garden and work on “gentle pets” with the plants, and go berry picking and take her to the farmer’s market and eat watermelon on the grass and watch the lightning bugs come out and

Am I missing anything??


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