General Updates

Lady Jr Grabbing Shoes

It’s June. How did that happen.

Life has been running at full speed yet standing still. Now that the sun stays up well past our bedtime (tsk tsk), we’ve been able to enjoy having a yard and all that entails. And unlike almost everywhere else I’ve lived, it cools down in the evenings, so it’s actually pleasant to be outside.

I have a hundred million updates and Lady Jr is already starting to wiggle so let’s do this bullet style:

– Depression stole most of May from me, but forcing myself to do unpleasant things like a) go outside and b) eat more than just tortillas [and bonus c) remember to take vit D] has helped me reclaim June. I still lost a lot in terms of productivity and, well, life, but I’m trying to accept that and move on.

– Lady Jr is a small child. She understands way more than we know and this comes out in surprising ways. Like how excited she gets when I mention folding laundry. And the devilish look she gets when she’s about to do something she knows she shouldn’t. I guess she knows it’s hard for us to be upset with her when we’re laughing.

– Words are still not really a thing. :/ I mean, she definitely knows words. But she’s still not using them. She just moved into the bigger kid room at daycare, though, so hopefully we’ll see some progress in the coming month.

– Summer with a toddler is the best. Full stop.

– Our legalversery was this week. Yay for legals!

– Speaking of which, I never updated on Lady Jr’s adoption. We got the official certificate in the mail a few weeks back so Dr Lady can breathe more easily now.

– Oh yeah, work. So our company is closing at the end of this year because our biggest client had a budget cut they decided to shove off on us. It’s a complicated mess of emotions and poor management, but we all knew this would happen eventually, just hoped it wouldn’t be now. So I’ll be looking for gainful employment soon and ugggh, because I had such a nice thing going. I don’t know if I’ll be able to find anything so flexible and so well-suited to my picky yet creative skillset. I’m trying not to think about it too much right now because we still have six months, but. If you know anyone in dire need of online training development. *coughs*

– But the work thing has come at a very inconvenient time because we’d just been starting to plan for #2 and. Well. Money was already going to be an issue. We can’t do it unless I have a decent job. :/

– And my book?? Is a thing??? ARCs arrived just a week or so ago and I still can’t get over it. People have been reading it and saying nice things and I don’t know how to deal. Well. I mean. I do know how to deal. And that’s by focusing on finishing the third book. I’ve been keeping talk about it all separate from here, over at my author blog. But it’s like. Available for pre-order. If you’re interested. *coughs*

– We’re going to see HAMILTON next weekend and AAAH I’ve been waiting for this for YEARS it’s gonna be AWESOME.

– Okay yeah the baby toddler is definitely awake time to make breakfast.

And a warm hello to whoever just read my entire blog!

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  1. oc15

    Hey! So nice to see an update on life for you gals. I’m sorry planning for #2 is having some bumps but I am certain you will find a great new job and Lady Jr. will be a big sister 🙂
    What is the name of your book?

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