Update on the Second Parent Adoption Interview

tl;dr It was fine!

I tried not to spend all weekend cleaning the house, but… well, it looks a lot better than it has in well over a year. Hah. It’s not that I don’t have the time to clean/organize, it’s just not been a priority, and since I used to invite people over as an impetus to clean and the last time someone’s been invited over was… well, I don’t even remember.

Basically, it was less of an imposition and more of a much-needed excuse to clean. And now I feel ready for spring.

But that’s cleaning, not interviewing. Two lovely social workers showed up at our door and then sat at our tiny table in our tiny house and asked us questions about our lives, our relationship, our families, etc. It was all fairly simple and felt a lot like they knew they were just going through the motions and there wasn’t really any problem here. In fact, one of them mentioned they’d done a few same-sex adoptions like this before and she’d try to be as efficient as possible.

Lady Jr only had a half day at daycare. We brought her home early so she could take a Real Nap. She’s just not been taking naps at daycare lately and when we pick her up, she’s an exhausted mess, so we figured it’d be easier to have her well-rested.

Which turned out to be an awesome idea because she was just so much fun during the interview. Playing with her toys and climbing into laps and putting on her sunglasses and then running from room to room. I felt like they got to see her as she really is, instead of, well, a hot mess.

So yeah, it was fine. Thanks to all your reassurances, I honestly didn’t worry too much about it. Dr Lady did well and neither of us are worried about the outcome. They said to expect a court date some time in May, and then after that not even the vice president himself will be able to separate Lady Jr from her moms.



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2 responses to “Update on the Second Parent Adoption Interview

  1. Amy

    That’s wonderful news!!

  2. What a relief, even if you weren’t worried going in. Nice to have it behind you. I really wish more states would waive this ridiculous double standard of a legal hurdle. Here’s to family. Cheers!

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