Diary of a Strong Mom: August


Why yes, that is a sub 20min 2 miles. The first time I’ve done that in, well, ever. At least that I’ve been tracking. I am well on track to run my 3.1 miles in sub 31 minutes. Hell, I could have slowly jogged the rest of the last mile and still hit my goal.

So of course, the competitive side of me wants to try to hit sub 30min. My fastest 5k ever was 30min and change, so that would be an epic PR for me. And even more empowering because I weigh the most now (outside of pregnancy) that I’ve weighed in well over 15 years. So to be able to PR my 5k time right now? Yeah, that’ll be the best birthday present to myself.

Aside from running, I’ve also taken up a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts aka Fighting 101) class three times a week. It was largely in response to all the anger and frustration that I’ve felt with the news and a certain president lately, but it was also a present to myself to help me Get the Fuck Out of the House. I work at home and, while this is absolutely amazing and gives me time to work out and write, it’s also incredibly isolating.

So now three times a week, I help get the baby into bed, pull on some shorts, and head 2min down the road to a studio where I’ve been learning how to kick, block, grapple, and punch. It’s a lot of fun, except I somehow pinched a nerve the first week and so had to ditch the last two classes. But I’ll be back tonight. Just, maybe, I’ll take it a little easier.

And for reading all that you get ONE BABY PHOTO because tomorrow she will be 10 months and then you will get ALL THE BABY PHOTOS.

August DITL



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5 responses to “Diary of a Strong Mom: August

  1. So awesome on the sub 20 min 2 miler! Also, experiencing a similar type of empowerment with strength/speed gains at a heavier weight. I actually don’t own a scale so I have no idea what I weigh right now. But, while a lot of my clothes have gotten tighter or even don’t fit–my performance has gone up and up–my speeds, what I can lift, my endurance, all of it. I am eating really clean and nourishing myself properly so for now I’m just pulling an opposite and not freaking out about the weight gain and just enjoying the performance gains!
    PS-awesome about your MMA classes!

    • I really need to just throw away the scale we have. I keep making the mistake of using it because I feel great and my clothes fit a little better, so I think surely I’ve lost weight, but…
      Just goes to show how little weight really matters!

  2. Awesome progress! I am SO FAR from there, but happy to at least be starting again. You’re going to rock that 5k!

    • My first 5k I ran in 42 minutes. I had to walk half of it. Could only go up from there. 🙂

      • That is pretty much exactly where I am this week! I love running because you can compete against yourself. I am highly competitive, so beating my own time is pretty much all the motivation I need to keep going!

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