Diary of a Strong Mom: June Recap

Omg Speck, where have you been?? I’m still doing my thing, I swear, just blogging got a whole lot harder to fit into my days. Now I understand how people can disappear for months at a time.


I’m still doing strong mom stuff. I won’t recap every run/lift, but there were definitely a lot more runs than lifts. Last month I managed to run every week 2-3 times. I lifted a total of 3 times. ^^() So far this month, I’ve run twice a week and finally lifted again for the first time today. That has got to change! But June was stressful as heck and running helps relieve stress as well as helps me untangle plot problems, so I just went with running when I didn’t feel like lifting.

But even though I’m beating myself up for missing out on lifting, I really am doing better overall with fitness. Running 2.5+ miles is a breeze. 3 miles is becoming more comfortable, although I’m not quite there yet. In general, I’m feeling more confident about my body.

So much so, that I decided to set myself a new challenge. My 31st birthday is coming up next month on the 31st – what do they call that, a golden birthday? I don’t know, but I’m not letting my birthday pass me by as easily as it did last year. To stop it from getting away so fast, I’ve set myself a pretty big goal (for me):

Run a 5k in 31 minutes. For those keeping track, that’s 3.1 miles in 31 minutes.

I’m currently around 33min for my 5k time, but that’s at a casual, comfortable pace. Can I shave 2min off in the next 5 weeks? I don’t know! But I’m going to try. That’s pretty much a 10min mile. I’m currently riding comfortable at 10:30.

I’ll be happy just to run the 5k and have fun, but it’s also fun to have a goal to reach for. I’ve been running more and faster, now I just need to put those two together. And also hope that Lady Jr doesn’t go through another sleep regression any time soon.



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7 responses to “Diary of a Strong Mom: June Recap

  1. You’re doing awesome! I love your goal. It’s perfect! I miss running so much lately. I am determined to get back on the horse soon.

  2. Great goal! Have you tried running intervals at all? 2 mins at a higher speed then 1 slower and then back? It helps a lot with speed and is a very doable method–nothing too fast too soon. Might be the thing to shave those couple of minutes off. Either way, good luck!!

    • Yup! I was planning on doing a few today and then at least once a week from here on out. I just have to treat them like strength exercises, because I can’t goof off during them. 🙂

  3. Good luck! You can do it! I need to get back into working out.. I walked ~3 miles today… but it was mostly because I couldn’t get a ride home. 🙂

  4. Amy

    This is all so impressive… Way to go!

  5. Awesome goal! My goal this year (my 35th!) is to get back to the gym! Blah.

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