Nine Months, Wot Wot

New Things !!:

TWO TEETH! They’ve broken through and if you peer closely, you can even see them in our gaping smile. It’s so good. She’s starting to figure out how to use them to tear chunks of food apart, which is great. Today peaches, tomorrow – the world.

Crawling is happening. She’s got arm-over-arm army crawl and can progress in a straight line when she’s sufficiently motivated (see: mommy has her laptop open!). Occasionally she gets her butt up in the air, but hasn’t coordinated that with her front yet.

Standing is not so much. At her 9 month appt, the dr encouraged us to hold her and help her stand more, but she just isn’t interested. I have to hold her by the armpits, even though I can tell she’s clearly strong enough. Every baby in their own time, I guess.

Favorite foods still include eggs and sweet potatos, fish and chicken and pork. But now: watermelon! She friggin loves watermelon. It’s so pure.

Sitting?! Sitting!! Finally!! I don’t know if it’s from practicing in my lap or what but this weekend I just propped her up on the floor and she managed to stay that way for several minutes, correcting herself without over-correcting. She still gets super excited and topples backwards sometimes, but she doesn’t tripod or really need to hold herself up with her hands any more. She also can’t get to a sitting position on her own, but one thing at a time.

Sleep regressed for a while between the teething and the traveling and then an ear infection. But she’s getting back to two easy wake-ups again and is no longer waking up at 5am for the day, so I’ll take it.

– Her 9 month appt went really well. She’s up from the 3% for weight to 15%. Which, you know, we guessed once she seemed to gain a pound in a week and now that her ribs no longer show. They had us fill out a little questionnaire to see where she was and that was actually really helpful, because I’d been worried about her being behind, but mostly she’s only behind on gross motor. Her fine motor skills, her social, everything else she’s doing really well. And now, of course, she mastered sitting since that appointment, so she must be working on gross motor finally.

– I don’t know what’s happened (hint: solids), but she went from little to no change for three months to chugging along towards toddlerhood like a friggin freight train. Is that normal? I knew there’d be some leaps and bounds, but this feel like one huge month-long bound.

– She’s eating so much and progressing so fast that I can’t help but wonder if she was getting enough calories before she figured out solids. I’m trying not to feel guilty, but should we have been supplementing? :/ Oh well. What’s past is past and I won’t be breastfeeding again.

– Speaking of, my supply is dropping like a rock. We started supplementing a bottle of formula at daycare a month ago because I was having difficulty keeping up with 3 bottles a day by pumping, and now I’m barely able to get a bottle a day. My original goal was to make it 6 months, then 9, and stop by 1 year, but I suspect I may stop pumping pretty soon now. It’s pretty demoralizing to only get 4oz over 3 sessions, especially when each one takes 15-20min. That’s an hour out of my day for a single bottle and change. Granted, continuing to pump means I can still feed her on weekends etc, but actually… even then it doesn’t seem like she’s getting enough. :/

– Anyway.

– As far as my non-baby-related life goes, things are slightly less hectic after turning my book in. I have another book to write, but I’ve got till April, so easy peasy, right? 😛 Before things get crazy again (and my editor drops edits on me), we’re going to take a few weekends and actually, you know, try to see some of Michigan. Maybe even go berry picking, since Lady Jr can sit up now. I’d love to plop her on a blanket in a blueberry field.

Now that you’ve survived all of that, have some pics:

9 Months

Great Omaha Weekend 2017

Great Omaha Weekend 2017
(Lady Jr with her cousin, who’s only 9 months older)



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12 responses to “Nine Months, Wot Wot

  1. Oh, those eyes!!! And the chubby thighs! eeeeeeeee

  2. Vanessa Fawley

    My Lucy is about a month younger than your baby and she was about the same size until recently. We found out she had a VSD, most simply put, a hole in her heart. It is nearly closed now, but it was causing her not to put on weight because she has excess fluid in her vascular system. We were supplementing but it made little to no difference. Also, no matter what we did, she spat up constantly and had lots of blow out diapers. We tried different types of formula but I think the bottom line was that she just sucked the bottles down very quickly and then most of it came up. Also, she was unsatisfied because BFing was a comfort to her and a bottle didn’t do the same thing. Anyway, all that to say that supplementing might not have helped much in your case either so I wouldn’t waste worries on it! I am still breastfeeding and plan to until she is at least a year but she really only wants it when she’s tired now, because solid foods are the star! And she’s up to the 25% percentilez which is just so good to hear, since at 3 months old she wasn’t even on the chart :/

    • Oh wow, that’s scary! Yeah, no, Lady Jr loves solids. I can see her self weaning pretty soon. I’m glad your Lucy is doing so much better now.

  3. She is so cute. We’re right with you on a few things. I stopped mid-day pumping between 10 and 11 months because she stopped taking a bottle. I nurse her when I pick her up and at bedtime. The rest of the time it’s solids and water. It feels like a really comfortable place.
    We’re also right with you on the gross motor development. You nailed it – each in their own time. She’ll walk, and it’s not a race to get there. She’s absolutely perfect and looks healthy and strong!

    • Oh, that’s good to hear that you can still nurse her even though you stopped pumping. I’m half afraid that stopping pumping coupled with fewer night nursing sessions will just dry me up completely.

  4. Amy

    I just love seeing pictures of this little sprite. She is too cute. Avery didn’t start crawling until the end of 9 months, and just started standing around the middle of 10 months. Like you said, every baby does these things in their own time. It sounds like she’s doing absolutely great now, with well developed fine motor and a fast growth spurt in the gross motor. And do enjoy being able to plop her down on a blanket and go berry picking. I loved that phase where Avery would JUST SIT 😛

  5. AndiePants

    There’s no reason to stop nursing if/when you stop pumping, unless you want to stop. Even when you stop pumping, if you continue to nurse, you’ll likely continue to make milk – not as much, obviously, but still some. I stopped pumping at 13 months and have continued to nurse evenings and weekends for another 15 months. But, totally up to you.

    She’s SO CUTE. Ugh. The rolls. . . the ROLLS!!

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