Baby’s Own Room: One Week On

We’re still at 2-3 wake-ups a night. I’m so, so pleased with this. It’s kind of wonderful to wake up to her cries and realize it’s been 3 hours. I feel so much better.


Always a but, right?

Things are still not ideal. Lady Jr wakes up less, yes, but her wake-ups are much longer and much tougher on all of us. We’ve tried waiting, we’ve tried responding as quickly as possible, we’ve tried feeding, we’ve tried sending in Dr Lady, we’ve tried sending in me, we’ve tried tylenol, we’ve tried gas drops, we’ve tried diaper changes – but despite all of that, Lady Jr will – at least once a night – simply not go back to sleep for at least an hour.

We hold her until she seems limp as a log, but the moment her head touches the sheets (which are flannel, so it’s not a cold thing), she starts crying/fussing. Idk what it is. But after an hour (sometimes two *sob*), she almost always stays asleep. Doesn’t seem to correspond with how well her naps were or when she goes to bed, either.

Last night, though… last night we had 3 of these hour-long wake-ups. Finally, at 3am, we muted the monitor and set a timer and stared at the ceiling. We’ve only ever let her cry 5 or 7 minutes before. This time, we decided to wait 10.

And, magically, right at 10min, right when we were about to get up and go to her, she quieted. Rolled to her side. And fell asleep.

She then proceeded to sleep from 3am to 7.30am. Four and a half hours. Wow.

So, maybe there’s hope after all. We’re going to try the 10min wait again tonight, even though it hurts to listen to her cry that long. But it hurt to put her in her own room, and overall that has turned out to be the right decision. It looks like we just keep getting in her way.



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3 responses to “Baby’s Own Room: One Week On

  1. These guessing games about sleep never cease. We’re in the middle of making some guessing game adjustments right now. Seems like just when you think you have some part of the routine figured out, something breaks and you have to try again. It frustrates me to no end.

    • Ayyyye, right?? I keep hoping when she’s older she can tell us what’s wrong, but I recognize that that kind of awareness is still a looooong way off. In the meantime, I just have to do what I can to make sure it’s not pain or discomfort or hunger. 😦

  2. Trying controlled crying for the first time (properly) tonight. It took 40 minutes. We obviously went in to check on him every 10-15 minutes but it was a quick ‘make sure he is safe’ check. It is horrible. And it is only the start of the night.
    It’s worked once for you it will work again! Stay strong! Chances are she’s just waking for no reason then is annoyed she is awake and wants to get back to sleep quickly and has to learn how to.
    I know this wasn’t really helpful but just letting you know you’re not in it alone!

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