TBH Things are Pretty Good

I feel like I’ve been focusing on the negative a lot lately. Between the ongoing sleep issues and the fever and the perpetual colds and then the ear infection, it was just a lot. But that’s not a very good reflection of the actual day to day to day, which is overall pretty good.

Sure, I wish Lady Jr wouldn’t wake up before 7am and I wish she’d nap more consistently at daycare and sometimes all she wants is to be held for hours and hours, but damn. She’s cute. She’s adorable. She’s strong and persistent and stubborn. And her laughs. She has been laughing up a storm lately. She started by laughing a little whenever she saw us at the end of a work day, but now it’s all the time and I would do just about anything for that laugh.

So here, on the cusp of having a six month old, have a list of my favorite things from this past week:

– Lady Jr rolling onto her stomach and crying because she’s on her stomach, but as soon as we help her roll to her back, she just rolls right back onto her stomach.
– Rolling onto her stomach at night but then falling asleep that way.
– Falling asleep with her arms around her elephant lovey.
– The laughing, omg the laughing
– Laughing when we do kettlebell swings
– Confused laughter when we do push ups
– That laugh when Dr Lady hands her to me after bringing her home
– Laughing after she’s woken up from a nap
– Cackling together on the floor
– Laughing when I squat with her
– Laughing when we play peekaboo
– Grabbing my nose and trying to eat it
– Having the time of her life playing with my hair
– Creaking. Oh god, the creaking.
– Reaching for the cats
– All the times she fussed and fussed while I tried to put her down for a nap, only to roll over and fall asleep as soon as I left the room (*rolls eyes*)
– Opening the door to get her from her nap and the room smells like farts
– Cold-induced snores
– Raspberries
– Smiling until her pacifier falls out
– The wide-eyed stare of fascination in new places
– Basically, everything.



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5 responses to “TBH Things are Pretty Good

  1. Amy

    Sounds like such a happy baby 😁 the laughing is really the best. Gets you through anything.

  2. I love when they smile so hard that the paci falls out. It’s so sweet. Equally when they fall into a deep sleep and the mouth opens just enough for the paci to fall.

  3. You’re entering my personal favorite age, 6-9 months, enjoy!

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