Not a Cold

It’s roseola! Woooooo.

I noticed baby had a funky rash all over her torso this morning, but her fever was gone and she seemed more like her usual self, so I sent her to daycare. Daycare called about an hour later and to say the rash was up under her chin and down on her legs, too. I mentioned that she’d had a fever and they said those two things seem to go together a lot and then said they’d keep an eye on it.

A quick google later and I have an exact match: roseola. So it’s *not* a cold. I was right. I mean, yes, it can be considered a respiratory virus, so maybe it falls under the cold umbrella, but it is not “just” a cold.

Anyway, apparently the tell-tale signage is that a mild rash will break out as soon as the fever goes away, which is what has happened. She should have stopped being contagious once her fever went away, so at least I don’t feel too guilty about leaving her at daycare. I just… there’s really nothing you can do for a virus except rest, and they’re doing a better job of getting her naps in today than all of last week, so. And after taking part of Monday and all of yesterday off, I’m kind of swamped with work.

And tired, but that’s a given. Aside from a 2 hour screamfest last night, Lady Jr (mostly) slept all right. I still don’t know what to do when she gets going like that. We cuddle, we nurse, we give her tylenol, gas drops, change her diaper, hold her, put her down, check her temp, repeat, repeat, repeat – but she’s inconsolable until either the tylenol kicks in or she wears herself out. This seems to happen with every cold and I suspect it’s a sore throat but she screams like she’s dying and it’s just so intense. But then she falls asleep and morning comes and everything is fine.

Anyway. Just thought I’d update, since cold+fever was actually not a cold. Oh doctors.



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10 responses to “Not a Cold

  1. Oh, I hate roseola! I’m glad the fever has broke and she’s on her way to being better asap! The rash should only last a couple of days. 🙂

  2. Aww, Charlotte has roseola once, too. The rash never bothered her a bit and it went away quickly. Hopefully you’ll be on the other side of this in no time!

    • Seems like pox – once you get it, you never get it again. But unlike pox, it’s a lot more benign. Honestly kind of relieved it’s not *another* cold.

  3. Oh, roseola. It’s harmless(ish), annoying, and you don’t know baby has it until she’s done being contagious. R had it too at a similar age. The good news is they don’t get it again.

  4. Amy

    Yet another thing I was blissfully unaware of as a new parent… Something to watch out for! Glad the fever is gone and she’s on the mend!

  5. Mothers intuition is so easily dismissed by doctors. I had been thinking mine had an ear infection and so we went to a walk in and made an appointment later on in the week with our GP, walk in dr said hardly ever is it actually an ear infection but he checked her ears and said ya, not an ear infection but then later that week my GP said ya, looks like she’s just finished having an ear infection… very frustrating. Either way we would have done the same thing and tried to wait it out but it’s nice to be accurately diagnosed and not simply be dismissed as a worried mother.

    • I feel like I’m constantly experiencing that exact scenario with doctors. Go in, be told it’s one thing. Go in later because of course it’s not better, oh – it’s actually this other thing. It’s frustrating as all get out, especially when it turns out I was correct all along.

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