Last Night Went Better Than I’d Hoped

I slept in the front office for half the night and left Dr Lady with a bottle and the baby. I was so exhausted that I couldn’t actually sleep and I ended up taking a 1/2 benadryl. I woke up anyway two hours later because apparently that’s just how I work now.

I crept into the bedroom at midnight where there was a sleeping baby and wife and proceeded to stay awake for another hour. The other half of the benadryl helped me get back to sleep. The baby fussed a little at 1am, but paused before picking her up and she calmed down and went back to sleep. When she fussed again at 2am, I fed her because my boobs were hurting.

She didn’t fuss again until 5am, but again fell back asleep before I fed her. Then she fussed at 6am and I fed her and got up.

Now it’s almost 8am and she is still asleep somehow. She’s rolling back and forth though, so she’ll be up very soon. According to Lady, she cried off and on from 9ish until 10, when Lady gave her the bottle and then was out like a light. So:

7.10pm in crib, rolled over and fell asleep
8.30pm woke up and fussed. We went in and soothed her back asleep.
9pm I went to bed.
9-10pm Baby fussed off and on.
10pm Baby ate a bottle.
1am Fuss, back to sleep
2am Fuss, fed.
5am Fuss, back to sleep.
6am Fuss, fed.
8am – awake??

That. Is. Amazing.

The only thing we did differently was keep me faaar away from baby. Like I said, I was in the office for part of the night, and then when I came in, I slept on the other side of the bed. I also washed the sheets yesterday so that they wouldn’t smell like milk.

In conclusion, I don’t think we need to sleep train. At least not now. I think we need to just work on stretching those times between feeds longer and longer until we hit 4 or 5 hours. Honestly, I’m okay with last night – I can go a long time with nights like that – but it’s also the bare minimum I need to function.

I plan on repeating this experiment tonight, of me first sleeping in another room, then staying away from baby when I come in. The other big change is I’m no longer going to side nurse her, which is what I had resorted to when the sleep got real bad. I am 90% certain she now associates just lying on her side with nursing (apparently she tried to eat Lady’s elbow last night), which is no bueno when she now sleeps on her side all the time.

Holy wow what a difference a little sleep makes. Now, hopefully, this is the start of some sort of improvement and not just another random blip.



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3 responses to “Last Night Went Better Than I’d Hoped

  1. I’m glad last night went better and you got some sleep!!

  2. So glad you had a better night. Fingers crossed it continues!

  3. Amy

    It’s just not fair when you have a sleeping baby but you just can’t get to sleep… That happens to me when I get really sleep deprived for a few nights and then get a 3 hour stretch in my own bed without the baby… I lay there with my eyes open thinking about sleep and how much time before she wakes…
    Glad you had a good night and fingers are crossed for you that it keeps up like this!!

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