Sleep Training: Night 5


We pushed through last night. She went down without a hitch around 7.10pm. She rolled over and we watched her eyes slowly close on the monitor. But we didn’t celebrate. We knew better.

8.50pm she woke up crying. I’d been about to go to sleep. Instead, I poured myself another glass of wine and put headphones in. We started the soothing waves. No pacifier this time. 3min. 5min. 7min. 7min. 8min. I was near my breaking point. She was still crying. I said one more wave. And, as if she was just waiting for it, she fell asleep after another 2min of crying.

Lady and I stared at each other. It had taken 40min, but Lady Jr had fallen asleep. I dream fed her and went to sleep myself.

And then she woke up two hours later. An hour later. And then every hour after that. I got up at 5am to pump and write. She woke one more time at 5.30am and I helped her get back to sleep – then she stayed asleep until 8am.

So: no change. Maybe I should have let her cry when she woke up each time but after the first one I wasn’t awake enough to remember what time it was or how long it had been or if I’d fed her or not.

And now I’m sitting here even more exhausted than usual because at least usually I go to bed before 9pm. The line between functional and not is very very thin for me lately and I’ve been straddling it most days, but something as stupid as getting one less hour of sleep is enough to throw me off. And so I frantically googled for advice, support, anything this morning, but every time I read that someone’s baby “only” slept three hours or omg, maybe you shouldn’t expect baby to sleep for 10 hours at this age, I started crying. I don’t want her to sleep 10 hours. I want her to sleep 3.

Lady urged me to take a nap during my lunch hour today, but I have so much to do. And what’s 40min in the grand scheme of things when really I need a week’s worth of sleep? I need to be stronger. I have to be stronger.

I told myself we’d be done if we couldn’t get through last night, but we did. Now I’m telling myself we’ll be done if nothing improves after two more nights. I can’t think any further out than that. I’ll just keep coping as I was coping until she’s old enough – and it’s warm enough – to move her crib to the office.

Or, according to some wise soul on the internet, most sleep issues resolve around 15 months. I have no idea if that’s true or not, but only 10 more months, right? Right?



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9 responses to “Sleep Training: Night 5

  1. You will survive. It is brutal, but even if things don’t improve much, you’ll find your sleep-deprived groove eventually. I hate to be that person who’s not all like, “Oh, it’s temporary–she’ll be sleeping through the night before you know it!” You’d know I was full of it if I started spouting nonsense like that. HOPEFULLY her sleep will improve. Hopefully, you will get more rest. Hopefully you won’t need to learn how to survive like this. I truly, truly wish that for you. But no matter what, you will survive, and so will she. Also–take the nap. Even if it just means you spend 30 minutes lying in bed with your eyes closed, your brain needs the rest as much as your body does. You are never going to get the week of sleep you need, but 30 minutes in a dark room makes a bigger difference than you think.

    • I appreciate the honesty. I’m actually functioning much better than I’d expect, it’s just that said functioning is so, so fragile. But you’re right, sometimes it just comes down to survival. I survived the first 6 weeks, I survived the stomach bug from hell with baby & wife both sick, and I can survive this.

  2. A book I can recommend to you is “The Good Sleeper” by Janet Kennedy. It really helped us sort out sleep issues while sleep training our daughter at 5 months.

  3. Amy

    Right here with you 😦 Stay strong…

  4. So hope it gets better for you guys! Sleep deprivation is the worst. I am shocked at how functional I’ve become on such little sleep.

  5. Ladibug21

    Emerson’s sleep definitely improved around 15 months. I night weaned him at 18 months and he only woke about 1x/night after that for a few months. HOWEVER, looking back, I easily could have night-weaned him closer to 12-14 months and saved myself a lot of grief.

    I really think for anyone who doesn’t do a full Ferber, the first year is mostly just pure hell. Nobody was willing to tell me that straight up, but that’s how it felt. I just didn’t have the stomach for Ferber and we have to do what feels right for our families.

    • I appreciate being told that. I think some babies are unicorns, but most need to learn how to sleep on their own. We just need to figure out when is right for us. :/

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