Five Months


Holy wow we have a five month old. How did that happen?? We’re going to be a big ol’ six monther soon – I better start reading up on introducing solids!

Lady Jr’s current skill set:
– Babbling
– Pterodactyl-esque wheezing (seems intentional, so not worried… yet)
– Can grab anything you put in front of her
– Can (usually) put that thing in her mouth
– Can half hold her weight on her legs for more than a few moments
– Cranes her head to follow people around the room
– ROLLING OMG – she started rolling with her diaper off, but now she can roll even with the cloth diaper on, much to my surprise when I left her for a few minutes to go grab the car and came back and she was upset because she was on her tummy and didn’t know what to do. And then I try to roll her to her back and she rolls right back to her tummy again and keeps crying. It’s kinda (sorta [really]) ridiculous.
– Wide-mouthed smiles at strangers

Last weekend she traveled for the first time out of state and on an airplane. It was an adventure for all involved, but it went surprisingly well. She was a trooper on the flight out and charmed the flight attendant and our seatmate and didn’t even fuss. She slept for most of the flight, too. On the flight back, she was a little more irritated, probably because she missed her morning nap. She still slept for most of it but fussed a little on the descent. Still, I was able to distract her and avoid a full on meltdown. I even got to read a book (one-handed [on my phone]) on the flight!

Lady Jr met her great grandmum and my father’s side of the family. They were pleasant and talked about the baby and not politics, thank god. My favorite part was when we took Lady Jr to the senior living center and all the old ladies fawned over her. As they should.

Less favorite was the weird way people seemed to ignore that babies could, you know, get upset if they missed a nap or didn’t get fed. I know we’re in the baby trenches so we’re particularly keyed into those facts (nay, laws), but even people who’d had kids before seemed to think it’d be perfectly fine if Lady Jr only got 20min car naps. Uh, not so much? And since we would be dealing with the fall out, I pushed back. Still, even trying to make sure she was accommodated, she was a very tired baby by the time we got home. 😦

Anyway, some quick tips re: airline travel –
1) Travel before they can crawl! It’s surprisingly easy and everybody loves babies. On the flight back there were numerous other families with older kids, from toddlers to five year olds, and our baby was by far the quietest. Not bragging – I just know that once a baby starts crawling, they don’t want to sit still, so that could easily be us in the next year.

2) If you’re breastfeeding, bring a big bottle for water and lots of snacks. This should have been a no-brainer, but, well, apparently I have no brain.

3) Bring a blanket for baby because the temp on the airplane can vary dramatically between taxiing and flight.

4) You can also use that blanket for discretely nursing during take off and landing, which will help baby’s eardrums not hurt.

5) Sit near the back of the plane so you are a) near the bathrooms in case of a diaper explosion and b) near the engines for optimum white noise.

6) If you use a carrier, TSA totally lets you keep it on and wear baby through the metal detector. A++

7) They still make you take off your shoes, though. 😦

8) Bring a jacket onto the plane for your lap to better prop up your (hopefully) sleeping baby.

9) One-handed reading devices FTW.

and last but not least

10) Budget extra time for everything. I’m normally paranoid about arriving early to the airport and this time that saved our bacon, because, for the first flight at least, we got there right after they’d started boarding. Dealing with the car, the car seat, TSA, etc, just takes longer with a baby.



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11 responses to “Five Months

  1. eeeeeee! I know that quilt! It looks so much nicer in your picture — must be because it’s graced by that delightful baby. ❤

  2. AndiePants

    Damn it, that baby is cute! I cosign all of your airplane travel techniques and affirm that it is SO much easier when they’re tiny.

    • I’m really really nervous about flying when she gets older, for sure. But if my cousin could take two toddlers across the big pond to the states, it’s… possible.

      • AndiePants

        It’s definitely possible. It’s also possible hell is being trapped on an airplane with a toddler forever.

  3. She is so sweet. Love that onesie!

  4. Too cute! Totally re-read your list three times … we are getting on our first flight on Saturday! So nervous.

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