Sleep Training: Night 4

Oh god, last night was awful. I really hope this just means we’re on the right path, but at the same time… I kinda caved. All right. I definitely caved last night. And the worst part was, it didn’t help at all. I started with a goal of going at least 3 hours, preferably 3.5 hours between feeds, but, well.

See for yourself.

6.20pm – Last feed
6.40pm – Down in crib, asleep after a little fussing
7.30pm – Woke up crying. I did waves of: 3min, 4min, 5min, 6min – finally gave in and fed and snuggled her at 8.00pm because she just sounded so distressed. 😦
10pm – Cry. Fed. Back to sleep.
12am – Cry. Soothed. Cry. Soothed. Cry. Fed. Cry. Soothed. Fussed. Cry. Held until she fell asleep. Put her back in her crib.
1am – Cry. Fed until she fell asleep.
3am – Cry. Mildly optimistic that she had gone 2 hours before I remembered the time change. Fuck DST. Half-halfheartedly tried to soothe her, then fed her until she fell asleep.
4am-4.30 – Cry. Fed. Started to fall asleep, then fussed herself awake. Cry. Soothed. Cry. Held until she fell asleep. Didn’t put her back in the crib this time.
5.30am – Cry. Soothed. Put her in the crib. Cry. Held her hand. She fell asleep.
6am – Cry. Fed. Fussed, started to fall asleep until…
6.30am – Happy pooping sounds. Fuuuuuuuuck. She finished falling asleep. I wondered if it was worth waking her to change her, then she started fussing. Changed her (massive poop!), soothed her, and got up when she seemed mostly asleep.
6.40am – Watched her finish falling asleep on the monitor.
7.30am – Up for the day.

On the bright side, since the last two, three nights weren’t so bad, I don’t feel as broken as I usually do after a night like that. Tired, yes, but today doesn’t seem insurmountable.

Ugh. I don’t know how much of this was regression and how much of it was her needing to poop. I guess we’ll see tonight.

On the other bright side, her naps were A++ yesterday. Fell asleep on her own for two (she napped during a walk for the third), stayed asleep for an hour for the first one. So far today, not so much… we’re on wave 4 of trying to get her to go to sleep. Thank god Dr Lady will be home today.


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