Sleep Training: Night 2

I need to actually note things in the middle of the night because last night was much more of a blurry haze. I’m going to take that as a good sign, because that means I wasn’t waking up enough to know what time it was etc.

That said, this is how night 2 went:

6.00pm – Last feed
6.30pm – In crib
3min of crying, went in to ssh and soothe until Lady Jr calmed down (~1min), then just a perfunctory fuss or two and she was asleep
9.30pm – Cry, feed, but woke up as soon as I transferred her from the boob to her crib. Cried and fussed with soothings and sshings intermittently. Eventually I gave her her pacifier and she was quiet long enough for me to start to fall asleep before she started crying again. Rinse, repeat until about 10.20pm, when she finally quieted and put herself to sleep.
12.20am – Cry, feed, immediately asleep
2-3am – I woke up suddenly, but she wasn’t crying. I watched her for a while. Started drifting off to sleep. Then she started crying. Fed her. She went back to sleep pretty quickly.
5:40am – I woke up for the day. Pumped.
6:00am – Cry. Feed. Wide awake. Tried feeding back to sleep, but as soon as I moved her, she was wide awake again.
6.30am – Up for the day.

Aah, I miss when she would sleep in until 7.30, 8am. Alas. I’d get my hopes up about the upcoming time change, but daycare tires her out so much that she just can’t stay awake long after she gets home. :/

So we have (mostly) 3 hour differences between feeds, which is A++. Now tonight, I’ll try for 3.5 hours, with the eventual goal of 4 hours between feeds. Any longer than that is gravy.

I realized that while I bemoaned, at length, about our current sleep situation, I never wrote out what my hoped-for situation would be (not ideal, because ideal = 8+ hours of sleep, and I recognize that’s not realistic for her age). So, what we’re working towards is 2-3 wakings each night with about 4 hours between feeds and an easy transition back to sleep for all of us. I don’t mind a little fussing, but crying off and on for 30, 60min in the middle of the night isn’t good for any of us.

Right now we have 3 wakings and 3, 3.5 hours between feeds, but she’s still having a hard time with at least one of those wakings. So we’re already 900 times better than before we started sleep training – if you recall, she was waking up every 30-90min and fussing almost every single time – but we’re not quite to our goal. And we’re only on night two. It’ll be interesting to see if those middle of the night cries get any easier for her (and me). I think we need to work some more on learning to sleep without the pacifier, because she really seems to want it (need it?) when she gets particularly upset.

Here’s to night 3 and needing less and less coffee.



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7 responses to “Sleep Training: Night 2

  1. That’s great!
    I remember for a long term me our routine was feed before laying her down, wake her up and feed her when I went to bed a few hours later, then she woke me at about 5 to feed, then a few more hours until waking up. I felt like a new woman when we got to that point, I think you will too!

  2. The paci can be such a double edged sword! I found that Darwin would wake up when it fell out of her mouth, so I started waiting about 5 to 10 minutes after she fell asleep to gently ease it out myself. Don’t know if that’s when she’s waking up too, but thought I’d mention it in case it’s useful!

    • It doesn’t seem to be. We actually call it the “done button” because when it pops out of her mouth, that means it’s safe to move her because she’s really and deeply asleep.
      I think she’s just having difficulty with the sleep transitions, and occasionally not having it in her mouth might be enough to keep her from transitioning peacefully, so we are working on teaching her to sleep without it.

      • Transitions are wicked hard. We’re doing the same with the little one, working on not holding her to get her to sleep every time. Hoping it will pay off more now that tooth 5 and 6 are through. Teeth ruin everything 😀

  3. It sounds like things are moving in the right direction. I still have notes in my phone from when we did sleep training with our daughter. I felt like keeping track of things helped me realize that things were getting better – slowly. Keep up with it and you’ll all be sleeping so might better soon.

  4. LJ is rocking the sleep training!

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