Sleep Training: Night 1


This is an inaccurate representation of the training, but gosh she’s cute. This was one of her few non-car naps over the weekend while we were out of state visiting her great grandmum. Lady Jr traveled on a plane and everything and I’ll talk more about that later but I know what you’re really here for:


So the first night went pretty well, actually. I tried separating her final feed and bedtime a little more, so she ate at 6.30pm and was in the crib by 7pm. She had a tougher time than usual going down the first time (see: way overtired), but we only had to do one check in (i.e. “wave”) before she calmed and fell asleep. We let her cry for three minutes before we went in, and then she only cried another minute before succumbing. We didn’t replace her pacifier when we checked on her, either, so she fell asleep without her nuk (or boob) for the first time in, well, ever.

We decided beforehand that the first night we’d offer boob every 2.5 hours.

She slept until 9.30pm. She woke, had some milk (it had been 3 hours since she’d eaten), and went down again pretty easily.

The 12.20am wake up was a little rougher. Well. A lot rougher. I let her eat and put her down and she seemed like she was going to be asleep, but then she started thrashing. She fussed. She cried. We laid there in bed next to her feeling awful and timing it. After a few minutes, we put a hand on her and sshed her. Then we let her cry a little longer. I timed it again and was just about to start comforting her when she abruptly went quiet and fell asleep. I think this whole process took about 20, 30min, because she would stop crying and fuss a little and then thrash and repeat the process. But I remember seeing 12.50am at some point, so she must have fallen asleep around then.

Then she didn’t wake up again until 3.40am. Three hours! Well. Just shy of, but I’ll take it. She ate and fell right back asleep, no fussing.

She kind of half woke up around 6.10am and Dr Lady tried to get her back to sleep (I was already up – I got up at 5.10am). She started crying around 6.30am so I came in and fed her (not quite three hours). She fell asleep and I just held her and read for a little bit. When I tried to put her down, she was instantly awake, so we called it: awake for the day at 6:50am.

So, to sum up:
6.30pm – last feed
7.00pm – put down in crib
7.10pm – asleep, with 4min (total) of crying, no pacifier
9.30pm – cry, feed, back to sleep right away
12.20am – cry, feed, cry cry cry with some soothing and pacifier
12.50am – back to sleep
3.40am – cry, feed, back to sleep right away
6.10am – fuss, but back to sleep
6.30am – cry, feed, held for a while to keep asleep
6.50am – up for the day

All in all, about 100 times better than previous nights. I’ll take three wake ups with only one that’s difficult over the past eight weeks any night. I feel tons better than the night before, that’s for sure, and I was able to pump and write before Lady Jr really got going, which in turn meant I was less panicked and anxious about not having the time to do those things and better able to navigate the morning.

I’m a little worried about tonight because I’ve read that often the second (and third) nights can be the hardest and Dr Lady will be away, but I need this. Lady Jr needs this.



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8 responses to “Sleep Training: Night 1

  1. You guys are doing great! You’ve got this.

  2. shawnsorcade

    This is totally unsolicited so I’m so sorry if it’s out of line but one thought I have is the four hour rule. So many sleep training families I know won’t feed unless it’s been four hours. If it’s working for you that’s awesome I’m just thinking ahead and if it might help you to stretch them?

    • Actually, this is part of our plan. We’re going to gradually work up to 4 hours, though, since she’s so used to 2ish. So tonight instead of 2.5 hours, we’re going to do 3.

      • shawnsorcade

        Oh awesome. For some reason feeding is the key with my kids and with both as soon as we night weaned they slept thru. I’m so happy this looks like the right decision for you guys!

      • Me too, although I’m nervous about getting too optimistic. I think she’s already 90% there, honestly, she just needs that extra nudge.

  3. Amy

    Isn’t it just wild that a 3 hour stretch can feel like such an win and can leave you feeling refreshed compared to all those other nights?? I’m right here with you… last night was night 3 for us of making avery stay in the crib and she woke ever 15 minutes… aaaaahhhhhhhh 😪
    Good luck tonight!

  4. AndiePants

    May the sleep odds be ever in your favour. You got this.

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