Week 20 – Rolling Rolling Rolling

20 Weeks

I was going to wait until 5 months for the next update (so, like, a week), but Lady Jr ROLLED. We have a roller! She went tummy to back a few weeks ago and yesterday she went from back to tummy.

I was changing her diaper and she’s gotten into the habit of rolling onto her side as soon as her diaper’s off, but then she just kept going. She hung out on her tummy for a while, grabbing at the package of wipes, then I rolled her back over to finish diapering, only to have her roll right back to her tummy as soon as I let go. Devious!

Last night was her second night in just a sleep sack – no swaddle, no magic sleep suit – and not only did she do fine, she rolled onto her side and was happy as a clam. Well. Happier than she had been. She even managed a 3 hour chunk of sleep! I feel amazing!


That said, she has a doctor’s appointment today because Something Is Up. Her reflux has been off the charts and she’s been throwing up – just stomach juice – 2, 3, 4 times a day and I can hear her swallowing it more often than that. She’s also been randomly arching her back and shrieking the last two days for a few minutes (although last night was much worse) and she started grabbing at her ear. Tylenol doesn’t really help. It’s also (seemingly) random and usually goes away and she’s fine again, which is why we didn’t call the doc sooner. No excess drool, no chomping, so it’s (probably) not teething. Since we’re getting on a plane (!!) this weekend, we want to rule out an ear infection. If nothing else, maybe we can get some reflux meds because it’s just constant, even with me watching my diet like a hawk. 😦


Yeah. So. First out of state trip this weekend – we’re going to visit her Great Grandmum and some of my family. I’m both excited (getting out of the house!), nervous (how will Lady Jr do on the plane??), and worried (that side of my family all voted for Cheeto McFascist and I can’t not take that personally). I think I’ve got the travel part as much under control as possible, but any pointers about traveling with baby would be welcome. ❤


OKay, more photos, because that’s what’s really important:

20 Weeks




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8 responses to “Week 20 – Rolling Rolling Rolling

  1. Amy

    I hope everything checks out OK at the Dr and you get an easy fix… And good luck on the travel front! Sounds exciting! We have our first flight as a family booked for August, so Avery will be almost 1 and HOPEFULLY I’ll be less nervous about taking her on a plane. Or maybe the older the baby the more they complain 😕

    • I’ve been told by several friends/family with older kids that mostly it becomes a problem when the kid crawl/walk, because they can’t stand sitting still for that long.
      But it’s doable, for sure – my cousin came all the way from Europe with a 2 year old and 8 month old, so I figure a 2 hour flight will be easy peasy.
      I’m more worried about security and schlepping a car seat through the airport.

      • Amy

        We are renting a car and arranged for it to come with a car seat. Maybe you can rent a car seat even if you aren’t renting a car?

      • We’re renting a car and looked into renting a car seat, but I decided to err on the side of caution and bring ours because the quality & care of rental seats is all over the place. It’s just one more thing that would’ve been out of my control and I don’t do well with that, unfortunately. Maybe on the next trip when I know what to expect with the rest of journey.

  2. I haven’t taken my kiddo on a plane yet,but the advice I remember from New Parents Group was:
    1) wear the baby through security,
    2) nurse during takeoff and landing (to equalize ear pressure).

    • I’m def planning on both! I also have a seat all the way in the back of the plane, closest to the engines, in the hope that the sheer amount of white noise will overpower her.

  3. oc15

    look at that face. o.m.g. she is just darling.

  4. Fat Girl Dancing

    She has the BEST face!

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