Sleep Redux

On the one hand, Lady Jr slept ah-ma-zing Friday night. Four hour chunks the whole way through. I woke up to her cries at one point feeling refreshed and ready for the day – it was only 2.30am.

On the other hand, she was back to her old antics last night, if possibly even worse. She was fussing every 20, 30min for the first three hours and then waking up every 2 hours after that, and then tried to get up for the day before 6am.

The only difference I can see is that on Friday, she was at daycare and got little to no naps – maybe an hour? On Saturday, she was with us, and got 3ish hours worth of naps. This seems counter to everything I’ve read about infant sleep – sleep begets sleep, right? And a bad day of naps “should” beget a bad night of sleep. Yet.

So. I don’t know. Friday night was both amazing because it brought me back from the verge of sleep dep, and awful because going through another sleepless night was suddenly much worse. I’d gotten so excited. Why did I let myself get so excited.

On the positive side, I know she *can* go more than 2 hours without eating at night. She can sleep soundly and restfully and not twitch and fuss and cry constantly. Now we just need to figure out *how*.



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4 responses to “Sleep Redux

  1. Maybe it wasn’t the lack of nap but the simulation at daycare? Another though, does she snack nurse in short bursts at home? Does her eating differ between daycare and home? 30 minute wakeups sound like when Darwin had gut pain or teething pain.

    • Maybe. I didn’t take that into consideration. There’s definitely a lot more going on at daycare than at home. She eats a little more frequently at home than at daycare (2 hours vs 2.5). Would that affect much?
      She’s been sleeping pretty poorly for weeks (months?) now – I was hoping Friday night wasn’t a fluke, but it might have been.

      • I think the eating thing is more of an issue if they nurse in short bursts and don’t get the hind milk. But if she’s going 2 hours at home and 2.5 at daycare I can’t imagine that would cause a difference. Maybe she’s just not getting worn out at home!

  2. It sounds to me like it’s more a stimulation thing than a nap thing. Charlotte is kind of the same way. Example: we were out with friends yesterday evening and it was constant stimulation for three straight hours. She then SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. (Who is this child?!) She always sleeps best when we do something completely out of the ordinary. Not that daycare is out of the ordinary, exactly, but maybe when you’re 4 mos old it is!

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