19 Weeks

19 Weeks

I think I’m going to move to monthly updates next. Life is speeding up and my free time is becoming increasingly precious. Case in point, I really should be working on this training instead of updating, but I keep getting distracted by photos of Lady Jr, so I figured I might as well distract you, too.


I’m also weighing a decision about whether or not to expand daycare to four days a week. To recap, I work three days from home and Lady Jr goes to daycare for those three days. The other two days of the work week I spend with her, trying to get as much writing done as possible during her naps. But that is quickly becoming untenable.

Right now, if the stars align and everything goes right, I write from 6am to 7.30am, then again from 7pm to 8pm every day. On non-daycare days, I also write during her first nap. Unfortunately, the stars very rarely align and not only is my writing time in the morning increasingly interrupted by a baby who wants to get up (way too) early and then needs to be held back to sleep, my attention is divided between my work and the baby monitor. Same in the evening, except my evening sessions have gone out the door with the lack of sleep. The only way for me to function is if I go to sleep when baby does.

Basically, there’s time to be mined, but half the time I can’t properly concentrate and I feel rushed and anxious. :/

But, on the other hand, I don’t know how long Lady Jr’s current not-sleeping-more-than-2-hour-stretches thing is going to last. If she ever settles down, I’ll have two, three extra hours every day. Also, unlike with with my day job, an increase in hours doesn’t mean an increase in money (at least, not obviously), so daycare wouldn’t pay for itself like it does. We’d still come out ahead overall than if I didn’t work, but still… not by much.

Third, another day of daycare means another day pumping and I hate pumping with my entire soul. It’s uncomfortable and time-consuming and lends itself to its own anxieties and worries when I have to pump 4-5 times to keep up with 3 feeds at daycare. Fourth, it would be less time with Lady Jr. Less walks, less giggles, less rolling around together on the floor. Fifth, I can see how, if I wasn’t careful, that extra day at daycare would turn into a Day to Get Errands Run and Other Things Done and Not Writing.

I think I need to just sit and make a list of pros and cons, but also, in my gut, I already know my decision. And I know that having time set aside to write will make it easier for me to spend more quality time with Lady Jr. So really, it’s all about getting past the guilt that comes with an extra day of daycare. It never gets easy, does it?


Okay, I promised more pics.

Cats, man. This one is enjoying the unseasonably warm weather we’re getting in Michigan.




Lady Jr and Dr Lady:



Lady Jr vs. her nemesis:




And quite possibly my fave pic yet:




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  1. It never gets easy. Ever. Sorry.

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