Sleep regression?

Over the weekend Lady Jr did this weird thing where instead of falling asleep at 7pm and staying asleep, she woke up every 30min and cried for most of the night. I chalked it up to her parents being sick and stressed.

But then she did it again last night – we did the whole bedtime routine, she went down fine, but then up 30min later. Then again 30min later. This time it only lasted until midnight, but wtf?

She *is* 3.5 months, so it’s possible this is the sleep regression, but naps are still fine. Idk. Advice? Do we just have to live with this for the next few weeks or is this something else?



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16 responses to “Sleep regression?

  1. Oh, sleep regressions are the worst! She could be just going through a developmental leap (check out The Wonder Weeks if you haven’t already) which sometimes cause sleep distruptions.

    Or it could be the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. For my daughter, it didn’t get better and she didn’t sleep longer until, at 5.5 months (after about two months of minimal sleep), we sleep trained.

    • She’s supposedly in Leap 4, which lasts all the way through her 4th month. I think the sleep regression is a part of that leap?
      We haven’t really needed to sleep train, since she was – still is – going to sleep on her own all right. She’s just waking up all the time. We room-share so that’s a bit disruptive.

  2. Sounds like a regression to me. Hopefully it passes quickly! That time frame seemed to me to be the point at which she started to understand Cry -> Boob -> Milk/Holding/Peace … Repeat as often as necessary.

    • I weirdly hope it is, because the 4 month sleep regression has been the big boogie monster lurking on the horizon. I kind of just want to get past it, lol.

  3. If you were unwell then your milk supply may have been affected by dehydration, so she may be cluster feeding to get it back up? X

  4. Amy

    My only words to you are good luck! Sleep regression or not, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from having babies it’s that we can survive anything, even when it feels like we won’t!

  5. Powerball has done the same two out of the past three nights, so I’m thinking that it’s (unfortunately) a developmental thing.

  6. Gina

    It could be developmental, but I’ve also found that my babies were very sensitive to change. Starting a new routine with new people, different stimuli, smells, etc generally gave us a few weeks of them “working it out”. We saw sleep changes, increased fussiness, increased need for soothing and reassurance. Even as bitti-babies! Maybe she’s adjusting to the change of daycare??

    Either way, xoxo

  7. The only way out is through. Not much you can do, unfortunately. Get rest when you can!

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