First Illness

Not Lady Jr.


And oh god it sucks.

I think we’ve narrowed the culprit down to food poisoning. I thought it was mastitis – actually, it was probably mastitis AND food poisoning – until Lady started throwing up last night in much the same way I had. Turns out it was the mushroom beef soup. Weird, because she was okay with it the first night, but it must have been the meat. There were two packets, so one of them was bad.

Anyway. Food poisoning. Would not recommend.

Thankfully Lady Jr was in daycare on Friday, while I spent the whole day in bed, intermittently vomiting. Then Lady was home to help on Saturday while I was recovering. But then Lady ate the soup and nobody slept last night so we’re back to square one.

Speaking of no sleep, I suspect we’re entering / have entered another sleep regression. Lady Jr’s sleep went from pretty typically getting a chunk of 5-6 hours a night to waking up every 2.5/3 hours and taking a while to get back to sleep. Last night was the worst so far, I was up for a solid two hours at midnight trying to get her back to sleep while Lady was throwing up. Yeah. Glorious.

Lady Jr’s naps are mostly okay, though, so I don’t know. I kind of hope this is the sleep regression, because that means we can fix this.

…just maybe when everyone is feeling better.

Tips on taking care of a baby when both parents are out of commission are appreciated. ❤



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2 responses to “First Illness

  1. Amy

    Oh nooooo that sounds horrible… Don’t have any advice besides get help from anyone who will give it! Hopefully you are back to being healthy quickly… Food poisoning is probably better than a flu as far as getting over it quickly.
    Good luck!! We are over here suffering with the sleep regression too so I feel your pain. I just can’t imagine throwing up while dealing with a baby who is awake all night.

  2. Ugh. I’m so sorry. I hope you both feel better soon!

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