14 Weeks


I dropped Lady Jr off at daycare this morning. Even warned and prepared, it was still hard. Seeing her in a stranger’s arms. Leaving her there. Not crying. Crying. Walking to the car without her. Going home to a house without her.

Working helps because then I can be busy and not worry about her. But then our daycare has this app where you get updated when baby eats or poops or sleeps and they also send pictures. And I got the first picture and I just started crying again. Lady Jr looked so concerned and out of place and I know she’s fine, I know I’m just projecting, but aargh.


It’ll get better. It has to. I have to work. She’ll be okay. And it’s only 3 days a week. I’m so lucky that it’s only 3 days a week.

I had her all to myself on Monday and Tuesday and everything was just fine. Although I did get tired of being sole caretaker by about 3 or 4pm each day, hah. But she went down for every nap like a dream, instantly falling asleep in my arms and staying that way when I transferred her to the crib.

She’s discovered that she can roll onto her side when she’s diaperless, so now that’s her new favorite thing. She’ll babble and play with the rings of her playmat for hours if she doesn’t have a diaper on. It’s made cleaning and cooking a whole lot easier.

She still gets it into her head that she wants to sit up, so she’ll whine until we help her and then she’s just a happy little Ladysaurus Rex.

I’ve also discovered that she likes sitting on my hips while I do sit-ups. I kiss her forehead between each rep and she laughs. 🙂

Basically I love this baby but I also need time away from her but I also don’t want to spend any time away from her. I guess that’s what they mean by you can’t have your cake and eat it at the same time, eh?



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7 responses to “14 Weeks

  1. Oh man–that first week is so hard. Hang in there!

    • So hard. Even harder after visiting. She’s not napping, so she’s very exhausted and listless. Uuugh. I know she’ll adapt but this sucks. :<

      • She will adapt. It totally sucks in the meantime, though. You may find it’s easier on you both if you don’t visit. I live 15 minutes from work, and I thought I’d go home on my lunch break a few times a week to visit (and nurse her in the early days), but I never do because I find that it’s really hard on her when I have to leave again.

  2. It definitely gets easier. You’ll start to appreciate the time you have with her more, because of the time she’s at daycare. And you’ll appreciate the time you have alone while she’s at daycare!!

  3. Amy

    You’re a superstar! Brave mama doing what needs to be done. It’ll be so good for both of you ☺

  4. So not looking forward to going back to work! I dont want to put him into nursery! I like having him with me, as much as I moan about having a little person pretty much attached to me 24/7 I dont like him not being there either!

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