13 Weeks


This baby. This. Baby.

New things this week:
– She can roll onto her side.
– Tummy time doesn’t result in instantaneous wailing. Sometimes it takes a few seconds. She’s even pushed herself up onto her elbows a few times instead of just flailing wildly.
– The talking continues to increase. It’s the best.
– She gets distracted by Lady when she’s eating. She’ll look up and smile and just stop eating and it’s too adorable.
– She can sit unassisted for a few seconds before toppling over, instead of instantly toppling over.
– Did I mention she’s adorable?

She seems to have settled into a bedtime between 7.30 and 8.30, which is so so so much better than the 11pm/12am she’d been doing. We’re finding a rhythm again and I’m even getting up early (!!) so I can get some writing done before she wakes up. The day is still pretty unscheduled, but I suspect that will change when she starts daycare.

Which is next week!! I’m both ready and not. Now that she’s so much easier and not in need of constant comfort, I’m much more okay with someone else keeping an eye on her through the day. I still need to figure out the food sitch, but I’ve been drinking anise/fennel tea and pumping every morning and we’ll get there. Worse case scenario, she might have to have one or two meals of formula, but at least it won’t be the whole day like I’d feared. Nothing against formula, I just wanted to avoid such a big gastrointestinal disruption.

Dairy is still off the table. I had some cheese last week and baby got fussy within the day, with lots of gas, so at least I know I made the right choice in dropping that. Oh well. I’ve gone without cheese for months before. I’ve been eating coconut everything instead.

Writing this book is coming along, although it requires some hardcore discipline to keep on track. But it’s worth it. So so worth it.

She’s actually three months as of today! Hoorah, hooray!



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2 responses to “13 Weeks

  1. So happy to see this sweet baby growing! Maybe one of these days I’ll get to blog about our son! I’ve severely missed blogging!

    • It’s hard work with a baby! I get it now. Every minute is precious and sometimes you really need to eat/shower/stare at the baby instead of writing a blog post.

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