12 Weeks

12 Weeks

Lady Jr is officially not a newborn anymore. She has morphed into a bona fide baby, complete with chubby legs and cheeks and she’s so so kissable. She charms anyone and everyone (and anything and everything).

She’s made such an insane leap these past few weeks from a fussy, crying, barely interactive wiggle worm to a smiling, talking, occasionally laughing (!) baby. She’s done so many sit-ups that she can almost sit up on her own and she’s grabbed the rings on her playmat multiple times in a row. She talks and talks and talks and is experimenting with sounds, so sometimes it’s a little difficult to tell if she’s crying or not.

She still hates naps, but her bedtime is creeping up. We got her to bed at 8pm last night (!!), but then she woke up before 7am (boo). Likewise, we’ve been going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. I keep chasing that elusive quiet hour before she wakes in the morning to get my writing done. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t.

She is also officially in six month clothing. We spent some time this New Year’s weekend putting away her 3 months stuff and getting out the six months and seeing what we needed. She lives in onesies and fleece footed PJs, so at least clothing her is relatively simple.

Since she’s 12 weeks, my maternity leave is coming to an end. I’ll be going back to work tentatively at the end of next week, and then for real the following week. Daycare has been confirmed for mid-January, so woo, not having to work and juggle a baby. My parents leave after next week, which means I’ll be on my own with this baby for two days a week.

If you’d asked me four weeks ago how I felt about all that, I would have said anxious as fuck. Now, I think I’m ready. I really enjoy spending time with baby now that she has states other than Crying, Eating, & Fussing. And I’m also looking forward to engaging in projects and collaboration and the general BS that comes with non-profit related work again. In a way, I’ve been working since week 2 postpartum (hola book deal), so this just feels like expanding my works hours and having extra help with baby.

That said, any advice about handling the first few days of daycare would be awesome. I still need to google how to pump enough beforehand and how to store it and how many bottles – oh shit, I’m not actually ready am I. o.o



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2 responses to “12 Weeks

  1. Amy

    Those eyes, those cheeks… Totally gorgeous.
    I have no advice to offer for daycare or pumping, but I hope it all goes really smoothly for you. I bet it will help that you are actually looking forward to going back to work 😊

  2. Gosh, she is even cuter now that she’s rounding out! My lactation consultant said that she wanted me to have 35 oz in the freezer by the time I went back to work. It’s hard to work the pump in when you’re still nursing constantly. I’d maybe start by pumping after a couple of feeds each day to see how much you get. Do you have a hands-free pump bra? If not, you want one. Trust me. Simple Wishes is the best ever and it’s on Amazon.

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