11 Weeks


OMG this baby.

Giving up dairy was the best decision. We have completely stopped having gas issues, thank god. She’s no longer scrunching like she’s in pain and she’s no longer constantly fussy awake. We’ve come out the other side and now have a baby who smiles and babbles and only cries when she’s tired or hungry or has a wet diaper or (!!) is bored.

I feel like the best part was when she started falling asleep for naps after only 5min instead of the half hour or hour ordeal it had been before. I don’t know how much of this was developmental or how much of it was becoming militant about taking naps after an hour of wakefulness, but I don’t care. It’s so much better.

She’s still having a hard time taking long enough naps unless she’s on someone, but whatever. Baby cuddles sure are the worst.

The hardest part right now, honestly, is that because it’s so much better over all, our help (i.e. my parents) are less inclined to, well, help. And I still need someone to hold or watch the baby occasionally so food can be made, showers taken, and words written. Their time to leave is coming up soon (2, 3 more weeks?), so maybe it’s for the best that I’m taking on more and more of the baby responsibility. Just tough. Some days are easier than others, and generally this can be predicted based on whether or not I got some writing time in before baby wakes up.

Overall, I feel like I can finally understand people who say they love babies. She’s super cute and smiling and babbling and looking everyone in the eye and being the hammiest ham ever.

She’s also made a big leap developmentally, because this week she’s:

– Decided that sitting up is the Best Thing Ever, so she hurls herself forward until she’s upright (using us as stabilizers, but she’s already getting pretty good at it).

– Started throwing her arms around, trying to get things. With this method she was able to grab rings hanging over her on the play mat multiple times.

– Started telling us she’d rather not be sitting or lying on her back or being held. So we switch from one to the other until she’s happy.

– Responding to smiles. Omg, it’s the best thing.

– Being so engaged with whatever she’s doing that she isn’t bothered by a wet diaper. I’m still amazed by this, because omg she hates wet diapers.

All in all, I’m starting to see a tiny, interactive human emerge instead of just a blobby thing that needed to be fed and changed and rocked to sleep. I’m so excited to see what she can do next.

As for me, I’m inching towards my word count goal for this book and thinking about exercising and occasionally exercising. I have two weeks left of maternity leave and I’m still a little anxious. No word from the daycare facility yet, which doesn’t bode well. I need to call them and see where we are on the waitlist. It’s looking like there will be a few tense weeks of working at home with the baby, though. Work seems to understand, at least.

Next update will be the new year. I know a lot of people had a terrible 2016, and certainly it was awful for the world, but I can’t help but feel guilty because personally, my 2016 was amazing. Hard, tough, difficult at times, but amazing. Baby, new home, new car, and a book deal – when it rains, it pours.



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2 responses to “11 Weeks

  1. Amy

    She just keeps getting cuter and cuter all the time. I went through the same realization about how other people love babies – at first it was like, this is so hard and the baby just lays there and cries. But now it’s like, the baby is a happy, innocent little person who I get to hang out with all day!
    I hope the daycare situation works out for you. I can’t imagine going back to work so soon… The states really needs better may leave! Good luck juggling both work and full time parenting for as long as you need to but I hope you don’t have to for long.

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