9 Weeks

9 Weeks!

Lady Jr

She’s babbling and smiling more and more. She’s now “talking” occasionally, a mix of coos and truncated cries. She’s decided she likes being on her back on the floor more than being held, sometimes, and she can occasionally find her fist and stick it in her mouth.

And, for the past three days, she only seems to cry when something is wrong. Either she’s hungry or wet or tired or wants to be held. No more crying for crying’s sake (*crosses fingers*) and – possibly – no more gas. Completely coincidentally, I gave up dairy and wheat three days ago. Hmm.

She’ll be out of 0-3 clothes soon, probably in another week or two. She’s long and thin, but she’s starting to pork up a bit – as is good and proper. She needs some proper fat on her to fuel her crawling and mental leaps. I’m so pleased when I notice a new chub roll. Is that weird?

Her 2 month check-up is on Thursday and I’m excited to find out how much she’s grown. Less excited about the shots, because I don’t know how she’ll deal with them, but then, if a little fussiness is all I have to deal with in exchange for Lady Jr not getting whopping cough, then hell I’ll deal with it.

Sleepwise, it’s a struggle to get her to nap during the day, but nights are a breeze after 11pm/12am. As noted, she slept 7 hours one night (with a wake up for a wet diaper). Then she slept six (god, my boobs hurt after that!), four, five, four. I’m still absolutely okay with four, since it means I get 2-3 hours of sleep, but I’ll take whatever means sleep.

We’ve also officially transitioned to her sleeping with us in the bedroom. Right now she’s staying in her bouncer where I can open my eyes and see her face, but she’s had two (three?) 20-30 min naps in the crib, so I have hope we’ll be able to transition her out of the bouncer in the coming weeks. I just really want her to be able to sleep in the crib by the time she goes to daycare, because otherwise that’s going to be too much all at once. I keep having awful visions of her screaming in the daycare crib and the workers just letting her cry it out and her just getting more and more worked up. :< So yeah, need her to know how to sleep in the crib before that.

But. Omg. Back to sleeping in the bedroom. This means I am no longer sleeping on the couch and it is AMAZING. I sleep so much better and I think I got eight hours last night?? Not all at once, of course, but accumulated. It makes such a big difference. AND I get to cuddle my wife again. So good.



Feeling pretty good with something more akin to sufficient sleep. And now I’ve been able to start eat better again, too, which means I’m starting to feel more like my old self. I have more time to make real food instead of subsisting on cheese and crackers and whatever fast food my parents bring by. Some of my bloat is starting to go away, hoorah. Here’s hoping this also fixes whatever’s up with my knees.

I did drop dairy and wheat last week after Lady Jr had another screaming-like-in-pain fit. She threw up almost an entire feed worth of curdled milk and kicked and screamed and just, it broke my heart. We’d tried gas drops and probiotics and I’d already dropped the potential gas culprits like cauliflower and broccoli. Then I noticed that I was starting to react to wheat again, so I decided, fuck it, time to cut that out. And the next day, the pain-screaming had stopped and over the next few days, the fussiness got better.

I don’t know if it’s the wheat or the dairy. I wasn’t having much dairy to begin with, and even then it was mostly cheese and yogurt. But I know I have a problem with wheat and the internet says dairy is a common intolerance, so. I might try reintroducing dairy in a week or two, but wheat needs to go the way of nightshades for now. Alas.

Not baby-related, it snowed buckets this week and I am so. excite. I’ve been out in it every day and I even got to shovel our incredibly long driveway! My back still hurts a little, but it was fun. Although any tips on how to keep walking on that ice and packed snow would be great because I almost slipped and fell four times today. :<


Dr Lady

Still having trouble trying to pry baby from my hands. Still having difficulty balancing work and baby. Evenings are definitely better now that Lady Jr isn’t crying for three hours straight. Actually, everything overall is better now that she gets to see Lady Jr smile and laugh and interact. That really goes a long way.

But there are still times when boobs are the only answer and she feels insufficient. I’m trying to be better about swooping, and she’s been able to get Lady Jr to sleep or calmed down on her own, so I think it’s helping.

But yeah. Being away from your baby all day is hard. I have no idea how I’m going to do it in just four more weeks.


Now, more pictures, because pictures!


Been diggin’ this fleece-lined cover for the carrier. Keeps baby nice and toasty and safe from the wind.


Shoveling the walk like a boss.

This moose footie makes us all ridiculously happy.


Our cat- and now baby-proof yule tree.


Dis baby tho.



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6 responses to “9 Weeks

  1. I hope the diet adjustments help you both. Also, i dig the tree idea! We’re experimenting with various Pinterest inspired pallet trees (for me, it’s not the same though!) More snow this , have fun!

    • We were forced into something creative re: the tree when the cats kept eating any real trees, then attacking any fake ones. I like it a lot better now, although I miss the smell of a real tree 🙂

  2. She’s so cute! I get super excited when I think our baby might have an extra roll…it’s just rare because she’s a string bean.

  3. Eliminating dairy changed my life with Charlotte so dramatically. I’m glad some diet changes seem to be helping you guys! As always, she is a precious little smoosh. Baby rolls are the best!

  4. Amy

    Yup, eliminating dairy seems to be working for Avery, too. They say real food allergies in breastfed babies is super uncommon (something like 2 or 3% for dairy allergy), but it seems like cutting it out helps a lot of babies with fussiness! Love the winter wonderland pics! What a cute baby!!

    • Yeah – if it were a real allergy, she would probably have blood in her stool or break out in hives. It’s probably just a sensitivity, although when you’re a gassy baby there’s no “just” about it.

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