It’s 5am. I’ve had 1 hour of sleep. please send positive vibes. or sleep.



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  1. Gina

    Sending positive vides, prayers, The Sandman (to the wee one) and lots of serenity your way. Walk away when you need to. I cried with my babies, more than once. Just walkin’ and cryin’, both of us. Looking back it makes me giggle at what a sight we must’ve been; then, not so much laughing.


  2. Amy

    Oy vey, these are tough times. Sending positive vibes… May you get a nap in today, and may tonight be loads better!!

  3. Oh no, that sounds like one rough night! Sending positive vibes and hoping for some really good naps and a better night tonight.

  4. AndiePants

    If I could bottle sleep, I’d send it to you!

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