Six Week Sleep Regression, or Why We Have Bad Timing

You guys.

Lady Jr had been doing SO WELL. Ever since 3 weeks, she’s been consistently sleeping longer and better during the second half of the night. In the past week, she started showing signs that she was ready to sleep better a little earlier in the night, too. She just had to get her fuss out and then from 9/10pm until 7/8am she’d wake and eat and go back to sleep with no fanfare or tears.

We thought – okay. She’s been consistent. We’ve seen this behavior for several weeks and days now. Let’s try consolidating the sleep shifts and just trying to share the room with her, all one big family. Worst case scenario, she goes back to her regularly scheduled fussing for the first half of the night, but we still get sleep the second half. That we could rely on.


So I eschewed  my usual 7-11 sleep and we both stayed up until 10ish and we had a lovely evening watching a movie together. Then I fed Lady Jr and it was time for sleep! Lots and lots of sleep!

Except, for the first time in easily three weeks, Lady Jr decided that she was going to scream and cry and refuse to sleep during the second half of the night. I got up with her at 1.30 when she fussed and wouldn’t settle after her 12am feed and finally handed her off to Dr Lady at 3 when she absolutely wouldn’t go back to sleep. She was behaving exactly like she did during her evening fuss – one way of holding/soothing would work for 5 or 10 min before she started screaming again and occasionally it would look like she had fallen asleep, but the second you try to put her down, those eyes were wide open and the fussing began again.


It’s true that once you get used to not being sleep deprived, it’s a whole lot more difficult to be exhausted and dealing with this. I cried. She cried. It sucked.

Dr Lady came to the rescue and let me get some desperately needed sleep. When I got up again a few hours later, I googled six weeks growth spurt. Dr Lady had likewise googled, and we both arrived at the same realization: it was time for another growth spurt. And, apparently, a sleep regression.

Of course this just happened to coincide exactly with our attempts to get more/better sleep.

Such is life.

But at least now I know it wasn’t because Lady Jr hates us. It’s just really, really bad timing on our part. So back to the staggered sleep schedule we go and maybe I’ll see my wife again next month. 😦


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