Three Weeks Old

3 Weeks


Lady Jr:

We’ve noticed a lot of changes this past week. She went through a bit of a growth spurt and now some of her newborn clothes are just too tight and some 0-3 outfits are no longer ridiculously big. Like the above – there’s room to grow but she’s no longer swimming in it.

Her cheeks are filling out and I swear she’s at least an inch or two longer. I would try to measure her, but there are so many other things to do while she’s sleeping.

Lady Jr also has much improved neck strength. She can move her head with a bit more finesse and even hold it upright in the carrier or while she’s being burped. She still doesn’t like tummy time all that much, but she’s making progress with her pushups. Well. She knows where to put her hands, at least.

She might be smiling? At least not just in response to gas. She sat on my lap this morning and we made faces at each other and it was kind of the most adorable thing.

Last but not least, she appears to be well on her way to sorting out night vs day. She’s now awake most of the afternoon, taking a 20min nap here and there and she is consistently treating 11pm/12am to 7am (10am?) as a sleepy stretch. I.E., she goes right back to sleep after every time she wakes to eat/get a diaper changed. She’s pretty inconsistent about how long she’ll sleep, though – anywhere from an hour to four (!!), which happened just last night. And the awake period can be pretty (very) taxing, because she’s really into cluster feeding and being upset about her existence.



Off and on frazzled, but 100% glad I have help around the house so that at least food is being cooked and things cleaned up even when I feel like I spend half the day trying to entertain/calm a fussy baby. We’re still managing the sleep thing as best we can, so I get 3-4 hours in the evening before taking the night shift with baby. Since Lady Jr is actually sleeping decently during my part of the night shift, I can usually add in a handful of 30min naps and the occasional 1-2 hour stretch on top of those hours, so once the sun rises, I’m less zombie and more functional.

I walked three miles yesterday for the first time since August and felt pretty good after. A little sore in places, but doing way better than I was just a week ago. So I guess the post-partum recovery is going swimmingly. Already out of pads, although still occasionally spotting. Not feeling as weak and dizzy. Just tired, but that’s not going away any time soon. Also surprised by how well I’ve been doing mentally – those 3-4 hours I get at night go a long way towards staving off anxiety.

I also got some really exciting news last week, but I think I have to wait until the end of this week – or heaven forbid, next week – to share. But as soon as I can, I will. For now, all I can say is I’m still 100% stunned and having a difficult time wrapping my head around it.


Dr Lady:

Her first week back at lab went all right. She’s really glad to see Lady Jr in the evening and I think misses her throughout the day. Her first day away, she kept texting to check in on what was going on. So cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

It is hard for her – for us – because she has to get up and gone by 8.30 or 9.30, which is around the time I was trying to go back to sleep, and then she gets home at 5 and I go to sleep again around 6 or 7. So we don’t really see each other as play pass the baby.

But it’s getting easier – as Lady Jr does better from 12am onwards, I’ve been able to get a little more sleep, and can therefore get up and stay awake by 7am… sometimes. And hopefully I’ll be able to start pushing back that 7pm bedtime for me, but not holding my breath.


Sleep, man. I’ve never talked this much about sleep and poop before.




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6 responses to “Three Weeks Old

  1. Love those “touchdown!” arms!

  2. I remember being so annoyed when I was still pregnant and all those people would talk about sleep, and sleep when the baby sleeps, and you’ll never sleep again, and I was like — I GET IT BABIES DON’T SLEEP. But you don’t really get it until it’s too late, haha. And it does (eventually) get so much better!

    • I was especially annoyed because that last month was just awful for sleep. Honestly, it’s almost better now because at least I know when I can get sleep, I will sleep. I dreaded nights for a while there because I was just up every 1.5-2 hours and I was frequently in so much pain.

  3. AndiePants

    Sleep and poop . . .it gets a little less encompassing, but not much.

    I’m SOEXCITED for your news. Is it job related?!

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