Two Weeks Old

Two Weeks Old

The last week has been even more of a blur. Lady Jr is transitioning out of the sleepy newborn phase and into a more regular wake/sleep cycle. And by regular, I mean no more 4-5 hour naps and now she can be awake for an hour or two. It seems that at least once a day she stays awake/fussy between feedings, but we’re trying to make sure she keeps getting her sleep – for her sanity and ours.

As of her appointment last Friday, she is officially up to and past her birth weight. 7lbs, 6oz! I was so pleased, with her and myself. For one, no more worrying about watching the clock and waking her to feed every 2-3 hours. For another, there is a lot of self doubt in that first week, because who knows how breast feeding is going to go, if you’re going to make enough or if she’ll be allergic to something or if she’ll have reflux or if she’s going to latch right and learn to get enough herself. But she’s on track with weight gain, which means we’ve both got this figured out. That’s one less thing to worry about.

We’ve also stopped trying to get her to sleep in the bedroom with us. Each time we attempted this, we all ended up with less sleep and it was just too difficult to function. Considering Dr Lady and I are both already flirting with sleep deprivation, we decided to just keep doing what was working, even if it’s less than ideal. So Dr Lady takes Lady Jr for part of the night and I take her for the other part and that we both definitely get sleep and can continue to function and care for this little bag of squish.

My parents are in town and helping out, just in time for Dr Lady to return to work. I can’t imagine doing this without help. I already spend seven to eight hours each night on baby duty, I would go crazy if I had to be on baby duty all day. They can at least take her and help her calm down while I get an extra hour or two of sleep.

Aside from the sleep dep, things are going well. Lady Jr is definitely getting fussier (which is normal), but I’m (usually) fairly confident I can calm her. Between white noise and swaddling and rocking and bouncing and sucking and reading and feeding and diapering and going for a walk, something will calm her down. I’m glad we have such a seemingly endless arsenal of things we can try because there have been more than a few times where we’ve exhausted most of those and still had a screaming baby.

I appreciate all of your comments and support on my last post. It’s so hard to remember that survival is the number one goal right now and not to try to do any more than that. There are moments when things are all around better and I think I can do more, but then – nope. I just need to accept that and this’ll be at least that much easier.


Last week I tried to do some fancy infant photos. I didn’t get too far, but here’s my fave:
Lady Jr inna hat



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4 responses to “Two Weeks Old

  1. AmyApplesnail

    Those photos…. Omg. She is gorgeous. And the little hat!! So cute!
    I’m so glad you have help. That makes a world of difference. I’ve started accepting visits from my mom every other week even though she can’t hold the baby for long. Even just having someone around to witness how hard it is somehow makes it better….
    Also so happy for you that breastfeeding is going well! SO many people who want to breastfeed struggle with this and I consider those of us who have no problems the lucky few.

  2. You guys are doing great. She is so perfect. ❤️

  3. Damn you made a gorgeous baby. You’re doing great!

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