Late-Pregnancy Induced Madness

I get it. I really get it now.

I thought – oh, it’s only a few weeks until the end. That’s not much time to go crazy. And everyone knows that first time moms go past their due date. So I know that, too.

But I also thought – hey, JUST IN CASE we should get everything ready. And clean the house. And pack the hospital bag. And dye hair. And put together the crib. Because if we don’t, we’ll totally be blindsided.

And I also thought – this could happen at any time. I mean, I know that statistically it won’t, but it still could.

And then I thought – we just have to make it to October 1st. Lady Jr can come any time after that if she wants. No running/trampoulines/nipple tweaking/giant chocolate cakes until after that date.

And now it’s October 5th and I still have 5 days left until my due date and yet I am 100% convinced that because I haven’t gone into labor yet, I will be pregnant forever.

How did this happen??

I don’t know (yes I do: see preparation fatigue), but I’m playing labor Bingo (is that a contraction? no… is that a contraction?? no…) and looking at the weather. According to this here study – Meteorological factors and timing of the initiating event of human parturition – there is a real (if small) association between high atmospheric pressure and the onset of labor.

And lo, if there isn’t a storm system coming through at the end of this week, followed by a pressure spike.


So somehow I’ve been reduced to weather-watching in the hopes that I can somehow predict the unpredictable.

I can only imagine how much worse this will get once I pass my due date.



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11 responses to “Late-Pregnancy Induced Madness

  1. Haha… oh, my friend. She’ll be here soon–I promise you won’t be pregnant forever. Savor these days. They feel like an eternity, but you will look back one day and they’ll seem like the blink of an eye. Catch and I went out on a date to a nice dinner 3 days before my due date and I still look back on it so fondly. Our last real date before we needed babysitters or had to her the perpetual voice of motherly concern that flows through our heads now whenever we’re apart from our child. I can’t wait for you to be a mom, but I promise you will not regret spending these last few days connecting with your wife in every way you possibly can.

    • Haha, at least I know I’m being crazy. πŸ™‚
      That said, I have been trying to slow down and soak up what I can. It’s been a bit decadent in this house the past few weeks.

  2. Ladibug21

    My kiddo was born eleven days after my due date. Those were the LONGEST 11 days EVER. I about lost my mind. I think it’s totally normal and you’re not crazy.

  3. Yeah the last few weeks are difficult mentally! I finished work up at 37 weeks thinking I wanted a bit of “me” time before our daughter was born. In the first week, I went to a movie, I watched Netflix, I washed and folded baby clothes and triple checked the hospital bags because, surely she was going to come soon (there was a full moon and I was convinced that would do it.)

    And then she didn’t come.

    And she didn’t come…

    And then it was my due date and my doctor said that we’d take induction at 41 weeks. Induction was such a huge fear for me so I tried everything to get her out.

    Nothing I tried did anything, I’m sure, but I went into labour naturally 40w6d and she was born at 41w.

    If we have another one, I think the key is to think of your “due date” as your give due date + 10 days because by then baby will be here or on its way (at least in Canada, not sure what the induction timelines are in the US).

    Sit tight, Mama. And try to sleep and relax (so easy, right?) because life will be very different, very soon!

    Also, you will know a contraction when you feel it.

  4. Vanessa Fawley

    My first (and second actually) came ON her due date. I woke up in early labor the day before I was due and she arrived the next morning. It was a nice surprise because I was pretty sure I’d be pregnant forever too.

  5. AndiePants

    Sometimes I get really sad about my birth and the fact that i didn’t get to experience late pregnancy because I was induced at 37w. Then I read things like this and nope, not sad. I wish you rest and calm and comfort. It really will be here so soon and after that? Get ready!!!

  6. Enjoy these days. But yes, the last few days seem to last forever! You might not realize it’s a contraction on the first one, but at some point rather quickly, you’ll realize, “oh, it’s starting.” I hated how everyone would just tell me “you’ll know it when it happens.” But yeah. They were right. Once it starts, be sure to soak it all in. Those first few days fly by so quickly and they are really, really magical.

  7. AmyApplesnail

    Haha I love the weather research. I can’t really talk because my baby came almost 2 weeks early so I didn’t have much time to sit and wait, but my advice is to try to enjoy these baby free days in whatever way you can. Sleep, shower, rest, go out for dinner… It’s probably a lot easier said than done though to turn off the labour-watch.

  8. oc15

    she’s just waiting until October 15th because that’s my birthday and she knows it’s an awesome day to be born πŸ™‚ hang in there mama. have a few Netflix marathons. SLEEP. enjoy having lady all to yourself (and her you). baby WILL come and life will never be the same πŸ™‚

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