Week 38: Running Out of Weeks

Player One
Player Two
Level 29 Human Bard/Fighter
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 164 +??
Shoe Size: 10 11
Bra Size: 34A  38C

Str: 18 16
Dex: 12 10
Con: 19 17
Int: 12 11
Wis: 14 13
Cha: 18

Highest skills: Bluff, Gather Rumors, Knowledge (Folklore) (History), Athletics

Feats: Natural Immunity, Iron WillRun, Nap, Greater Braxton Hicks

Diseases/Curses: Heavy Things Gettin’ Heavy (-2 Str), wth mornings (-2 con), Anxiety (-1 Wis), Awkward Maneuvering (-2 Dex), Pregnancy Brain (-1 Int)

Level 30 Human Warlock/Ranger
Height: 5’8″
Weight: Redacted
Shoe Size: 11
Bra Size: 36B

Str: 17 16
Dex: 12 11
Con: 12
Int: 20
Wis: 16 15
Cha: 16

Highest skills: Heal, Knowledge (Science) (Arcana), Spot, Listen, Swim

Feats: Alertness, Diligent, Spell Focus, Project Queen

Diseases/Curses: Too Much To Do, Recovering from Tendonsis (-1 Str), Ingrown Toenail (-2 Dex), Anxiety (-1 Wis)

Player Three

Level 0 Human NPC
Height: 19.61″ crown to heel
Weight: 6.80 lb

Str: 7
Dex: 6
Con: 10
Int: 1
Wis: 1
Cha: 14

Highest skills: Grow, Swim, Hide
Feats: Self-Sufficient, Stealthy, Heartbeat, Growth, Wiggle, Kick, Roll, Squirm
Diseases/Curses: Hiccups

According to some doctors, Lady Jr is full term. According to others, she needs to wait another week. I’m going to encourage her to stay put for at least another week, even though she’s now the size of a Pomeranian (!?):



Overall: I feel like once I got hit by the full-size bus that is the 3rd trimester around 34-35 weeks, it hasn’t gotten much worse. I’ve learned to cope with the discomfort and so, even though I’m still limited, having trouble eating, and sometimes need to sit for 20min and catch my breath from just existing, it’s all quite bearable.

Last week at work was rough, but we pushed hard and finished the betas on both big projects with room to breathe. Sometime this week we’ll get the revisions back and done, then turn in the final versions. I’m more than a little relieved. Next big project is due in a month, but I’ll be able to help a bit over the coming week (or two) and then I’m confident my coworker can handle the rest.

I also got some good news in another part of my life that I’ve been sorely neglecting. Whether or not that pans out into shareable news, we’ll see in (again) the coming weeks. This is both the worst and best time to receive any news on that, because on the one hand, I have zero emotional energy or excitement, but on the other hand, at least I won’t be refreshing my email every three seconds until I hear something.


Pre-Labor Bingo: At this point I’ve pretty much experienced all the fun bits of pregnancy that I’m gonna experience and now my body is segueing into labor mode. From what I’ve read, pre-labor is the body ramping up for the Real Deal and can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. So nothing means anything but every little thing could mean something! Let’s go crazy!!

So far we’ve got:

  • Nigh constant Braxton Hicks.
  • Occasional mild, period-like cramps.
  • Lots of mucus.
  • Increased pressure in my pelvis. Baby doesn’t appear to have dropped, but she’s moved down a little and/or is stretching out.

So basically still thinking I’ve got at least 2 weeks to go.


Preparations for Lady Jr: Less for Lady Jr, more for us at this point. We have two freezer meals prepped and frozen and a handful lined up for next weekend. I am making a shiite ton of gluten-free pumpkin granola for snacks. We washed the cloth diapers that we ordered & received, so those are ready. We practiced our diaper folding skills and I think we both have a basic understanding of how to do it now. I put a few more things into the hospital bag (chap stick, hair tie, lotion…).

We had a tour of the hospital last Thursday. It was very helpful – now when I think about What Is to Come, I have a real place I can picture. It has everything I hoped for for a hospital birth – private room, birth ball, private shower, squat bar, adjustable lights and thermostat, space to walk around, and readily available drugs. My birth plan is pretty simple – stay mobile, avoid drugs unless the pain is stalling things or unbearable, stay flexible – and the hospital seems pretty in line with all that. I just don’t want to feel like I’m being forced into anything or having my agency taken away and they don’t seem like the kind of place that would do that.


Exercise: More walking. Lots of walking. We had a friend visiting for the week and we went on a lot of Pokewalks with her, which was awesome. I also did a little lifting, although it’s definitely slowing down even more. I’m trying to just get in a few air squats here and there throughout the day and stay mobile.


Appointments: One last Thursday. Everything’s still fine. I forgot to ask about my Group B Strep test from the week before and they didn’t say anything. Probably fine? Of course, now I checked their online portal and there’s… nothing… so. Hmm. Oof, and I made the mistake of looking at my weight. Blrgh.

Another this Thursday. Appointments all the Thursdays!


Dr Lady: I’ve started her on a few strength exercises to slowly ease her back into lifting and make her ankle stronger. If it weren’t for her toenail, she’d be walking longer distances. But alas, that’s devolving quickly. She saw the doctor for it and now she’s going to go see a podiatrist. I only hope they can do something in the next week because man, we do not want to be fucking around with foot problems after Lady Jr arrives.

Otherwise, still nesting, still trying to get as much done as she can, in lab and at home. She got the TDAP shot last week and suffered a mild fever for her valiant effort. Now she is up to date on all of her vaccines, though.  Woo!


Progress Photo:

38 Weeks



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9 responses to “Week 38: Running Out of Weeks

  1. I’m so excited for you. I hope these next few weeks fly by and that you’re able to finish everything you want to finish.

  2. Nice!! I’ll be looking forward to the “Here is a baby” post

  3. Every time you post I’m like, she had the baby! Wait, nope, still pregnant. 😉

  4. Hang in there! Those last few weeks feel like they go on forever. I had a hard time breathing, sleeping, walking… I feel you.

  5. Exciting! So close now!

    I love the format of your updates, I’m going to miss them. Though it could work for postpartum, too!

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