Week 35: Daunting but Doable

Player One
Player Two
Level 29 Human Bard/Fighter
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 164 +??
Shoe Size: 10 10.5
Bra Size: 34A 36B 36C/38B

Str: 18 16
Dex: 12 10
Con: 19 17
Int: 12
Wis: 14 13
Cha: 18 17

Highest skills: Bluff, Gather Rumors, Knowledge (Folklore) (History), Athletics

Feats: Natural Immunity, Iron WillRun, Nap, Braxton Hicks

Diseases/Curses: Heavy Things Gettin’ Heavy (-2 Str), wth mornings (-2 con), Anxiety (-1 Wis), Awkward Maneuvering (-2 Dex), Bad Sleep (-1 Cha)

Level 30 Human Warlock/Ranger
Height: 5’8″
Weight: Redacted
Shoe Size: 11
Bra Size: 36B

Str: 17 16
Dex: 12 11
Con: 12
Int: 20
Wis: 16
Cha: 16

Highest skills: Heal, Knowledge (Science) (Arcana), Spot, Listen, Swim

Feats: Alertness, Diligent, Spell Focus, Project Queen

Diseases/Curses: Too Much To Do, Recovering from Tendonsis (-1 Str), Ingrown Toenail (-1 Dex)

Player Three

Level 0 Human NPC
Height: 18.19″ crown to heel
Weight: 5.25 lb

Str: 6
Dex: 5
Con: 10
Int: 1
Wis: 1
Cha: 14

Highest skills: Grow, Swim, Hide
Feats: Self-Sufficient, Stealthy, Heartbeat, Growth, Wiggle, Kick, Roll, Squirm
Diseases/Curses: Hiccups

Lady Jr is pretty much set. She just needs to keep growing. Grow baby grow! And stay in there. Oh god. Please.

This week she’s the size of a mini lop rabbit:


Overall:  35 weeks. When – when did that happen.

I’m starting to transition to when will this be over though. 36 weeks is when the doc won’t try to stop labor from progressing, so technically Lady Jr could arrive any time from one week out to six. While we’re planning to have all the absolute essentials ready and in place by 36 weeks, I’d really like it if she just stayed put until 39 or 40. I am definitely not emotionally ready yet, although that process has begun.

There is no more “if.” There is only “when.” Which is a really big shift for me, having played this whole TTC game of “if if if” for so long. I feel like I was still super cautious up until 30 weeks, and then that finally began to change to certainty.

Now I’m more and more uncomfortable and less and less scared of birth. I’m almost ready to just be done and on the other side of this journey already, but that’s how journies go – the best, the most grueling, the most rewarding always have a point towards the end where you know you’ve already come so far, but you still have so far to go. And you’re tired and your sore and you’re ready to be done, but you know it’s going to get quite a bit more uncomfortable before it’s over.

Daunting, but doable.


Fun(!) New Symptoms: Leaking: it’s not just for boobs!

No really. I thought it was just really humid here and then we had a “cold” snap and I realized, no, I am in fact slightly incontinent. Fuuuuck. I’ve figured out it has something to do with positioning and the way baby is sitting on my bladder, but it’s really inconvenient.

Sore abs from trying to sit up in bed at night. I can still physically sit up, but I need to stop because it is increasingly uncomfortable and bordering on painful. 😦

Painful braxton hicks. Not enough to be worrisome, but enough to make me stop and wait them out. I’ll get a bunch in a row and just have to stop what I’m doing until they go away. I think it’s hydration related, because it’s only happened after busy mornings where I’ve been out and about without a water bottle. It’s just crazy how much water I have to drink.


Preparations for Lady Jr: Dr Lady and I watched a mini youtube series about child birth (this one) that I’d already watched a few months ago but still found super informative to review. She and I are both re-reading the Birth Partner, which has also been incredibly helpful for both of us. Between that and all the birth stories I’ve read, I’m feeling pretty confident about what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

The baby closet is pretty much set and now we’re slowly acquiring things for the hospital bag. I have a comfy nursing gown that I could just wear all the time that we got this weekend. We realized the disposables someone gave us were actually newborn-sized, so we’re set there. We have a few more things to find/acquire, but I think we’re on track to have all the necessities by 36 weeks, which was my goal.

We have a car seat!! Family gifted this to us off our registry, so now we can officially take Lady Jr home from the hospital if she were to arrive now. Well, okay, not quite – we still need to install it. Hopefully this week. For those interested, we decided on the Diono Radian for a handful of reasons: well-rated, can rear-face for a very long time, narrower than most car seats so other passengers can still sit on either side, comfy, folds up for easy transport, apparently fits on plane seats??, also honestly just looks nice. It’s a convertible, i.e. we’re skipping the infant car seat, but I think that just works best for our lifestyle.

That said, it *is* heavier than other carseats and I’ve read a few places that it can be difficult to install. Since we only have one car and we’ll probably only need to install it once or twice, I’m okay with this. We can always hop by the fire department if we can’t figure it out ourselves.

Other things… god, everything? This was a three day weekend, so we tried to cram as much as we could because we want to have everything done before October. That will obviously not happen, but hopefully we’ll have new blinds, a/c, a shower that actually drains, and a working toilet pre-baby. Two of those things are currently in the works.


Exercise: Some lifting (I really need to do more, or at least a little every day), and a lot of walking. I was on my feet for about half the weekend and I’ve been doing more squats and stretches during the week. We went on a long walk for my birthday and a pokewalk with some new acquaintances on Thursday, which was awesome. More walks! I love walks. Except for the mosquitoes. So. Many. Mosquitoes.

We just fixed up the bikes tonight and we’re going to try them out tomorrow – see how that goes.


Appointments: Dr Lady came with me to the 34 week appointment and was impressed by how timely the doctor was. Everything checked out fine – Lady Jr is head down and growing right as she should be. I learned about their office’s induction policy – they prefer to schedule early in the 41st week because inductions can both a) take a while and b) get bumped back. Doctors 100% do not want to go over 42 weeks these days, which I understand. But also, whew – no pressure right? Only got 7 days after my due date to get this baby out on my own.


Dr Lady: Manic as fuck. I think she’s nesting instead of me, because she wants to get All the Things Ready before October and so she went a bit crazy this weekend starting projects and gathering items and making lists. I feel a bit useless because half the time all I can do is sit on the floor and watch her do this or that. I guess it’s good one of us is nesting?


Progress Photo:




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8 responses to “Week 35: Daunting but Doable

  1. shawnsorcade

    Wow 35 weeks!!! I can’t believe it you look amazing!

  2. The main thing I wish I had known before I went to give birth is how important the L&D nurses are, compared to your OB (assuming the labor progresses fairly normally). I didn’t anticipate how helpful, empathic, supportive, and generally awesome the nurses would prove to be. That said, I hope you don’t labor through two and a half nurse-shifts, I hope Lady Jr is more determined to be out than Little Bear was.

  3. jen.g

    You look awesome!!! Home stretch!

  4. You look fabulous! You’re almost there and it’s going to be so amazing!!

  5. Ladibug21

    You sound ready! We were so grateful for everything in that hospital bag from our own snacks to extra clothes for both of us. Also, flip flops are a good idea for hospital showers. We both got a raging case of hospital-grade athlete’s foot from the shower. I really recommend having that hospital bag ready ASAP, and keeping it in an easy to grab location.

    We have a Diono Radian too and we love it. It’s not bad to install and it just feels so safe. Getting Emmer in and out of it is much easier than our other car seat.

  6. I remember when the “if” faded into “when.” It’s an exciting time! My advice at this point: try to spend some quality time with Dr. Lady. Don’t make it all about the preparations. I still look back on our last few dates pre-parenthood wistfully. I’m so grateful we spent that time together.

  7. You look wonderful! Those last few weeks are always stressful trying to get everything finished. You won’t complete everything. And it’s ok. Just enjoy these last weeks of being pregnant. Because shit gets real once that tiny human is here 🙂

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