Maternity meets Birthday Photos

Every year for the past six years, I’ve tried to take some sort of ridiculous/appropriate/fun self portrait around my birthday. I’ve skipped one or two years because of depression, but I still feel like it’s a tradition worth keeping.

At first I wasn’t sure what to do for this year’s photos, but then it was obvious. My goal/aspiration/word for 30 and beyond is Strong. I want to become the strongest I’ve ever been, and can be, and I want to be that kind of badass 30/40-year old woman that I’ve looked up to for the past half decade. I can’t really begin work on that goal until Lady Jr is out and stable and I’m fully recovered, but in the meantime I can prepare.

In the meantime, I have been preparing. Even though I pictured myself a Crossfitting, consistently lifting, 5k running, pregnant lady and I fell way short of that ideal, I’ve continued to lift throughout and I wanted to reflect that. I wanted photos that helped me remember I’m still meeting my goal. I wanted photos that make me feel like the badass I want to be. Also I wanted to thumb my nose at the fertility doc who told me I should stop lifting altogether. 😛

Obligatory note of caution: listen to your body and listen to your doc. All ladies can lift, but not all pregnant ladies should lift. I’d been lifting for 4 years before I got pregnant and I’ve also had a complications-free pregnancy. I know the movements backwards and blindfolded and I know my body. I have stopped workouts when I felt something wasn’t right and I have been dropping the weights I lift since first tri. Only you know your body.


With that out of the way, have some photos below the cut.

Bonus fact: the shirt says “lifting for two.”



And my favorite which I already shared yesterday:



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17 responses to “Maternity meets Birthday Photos

  1. Impressive! I bet your labor will be a piece of cake, one little squeeze and your baby will shoot right out!

  2. oc15

    happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday (tomorrow)! I also turned 30 (07/31) and have a similar aspiration for my 30s. I would venture a guess to say that you are well on your way because those pictures are way badass. Cheers!

  4. AmyApplesnail

    So cool! You look so powerful!

  5. Looks great! I wish I would have gotten some photos of me lifting before baby came out, but alas, she was a bit early!

  6. Happy Birthday!! And amazing photos! 🙂

  7. AndiePants

    I love them!!

  8. Those are the best maternity/birthday photos EVER.

    (My fertility doctor told me to stop lifting anything when I had a bleed at eight weeks. Luckily, my trusted midwife firmly disagreed and said that “don’t lift stuff” is mostly just something doctors say to make pregnant people feel more in control in an uncontrollable situation.)

  9. Ladibug21

    Ahh these are so great! You look STRONG.

  10. Awesome!! Happy Birthday!

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