…is a lot like renting. Except you can actually change the things you don’t like. And no one is going to come fix your garbage disposal.

The first few days were mighty rough. Our stuff was all in a POD on a truck somewhere, including our mattress, and the house doesn’t have a/c, so we slept on an air mattress with all the windows open and a fan. Unfortunately, Michigan saw a heat wave this week, which I initially laughed at because come on, upper 80s is a heat wave? But joke’s on me because when there’s no a/c and you can’t escape that 85 degree heat, everything just starts to suck. The worst part is when everything you touch feels warm, even the cups in the kitchen.

We caved on Thursday and bought a portable a/c unit that we could move from room to room as needed, but it’s a bandaid fix. It works quite well in a small space or when you sit right next to it, but try to go to another room and it’s just as hot. I don’t know where all this heat is even coming from. Must be all the people in the house.

Which is the plus for the week. My parents came out to help us move in, since we don’t really know anyone here and Lady’s foot is still healing and I just can’t carry any boxes/furniture (front carry is officially out for the duration of this pregnancy). And we couldn’t have done it without them. Especially not with Lady at a conference and me trying to juggle work during the second half of the week.

Side note: if you can avoid going back to work before you’ve even unpacked one box, DO IT.

Dad has been fixing all the little things and mom has been helping unpack and bless them for their patience with an overheated pregnant lady. We now have a functional (?) washer/dryer, a vapor barrier across the crawlspace (to keep radon levels down), a cat barrier for the crawlspace (because they would get in there and never, ever leave), new locks on all the doors, large pieces of furniture, and food – they keep bringing food and I don’t know where I’d be without food showing up randomly because I’m too overwhelmed and tired to go out and find it on my own.

Which makes me wonder how I’m going to deal with a newborn. o.o

Honestly, this felt like a big trial run. We both didn’t sleep for over a week and a half (see: cats waking us up every hour or two), we both had to keep going and keep busy, no naps, uncomfortable, no time to make food or have downtime or just take care of ourselves, because there was always something that had to be done Now. Just add screaming and bodily fluids (actually…) and that sounds pretty familiar doesn’t it?

It was hard but it’s getting easier. Most of the boxes are unpacked. I know where the plates are. The cats have calmed down. The temp is slowly lowering, day by day (only 82 inside this morning! hooray!). We have a working coffee machine, we have clean clothes, we have a shower head that doesn’t try to kill us (seriously wtf). Our little pieces of decor are going up and around and this place is finally starting to feel more like a home – our home – than a bland shell.



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4 responses to “Homeownership

  1. At least there’s more of a payoff with a newborn, nothing compares to those middle of the night moments where you are looking down at your baby!

  2. Oh girl, I have totally been there. We moved from a rental into our first house in June and Charlotte was born in July. It’s HARD. It’ll be so worth it to be settled when the baby arrives though! Stay cool!

  3. AmyApplesnail

    It’s really exciting that you’re getting settled in! Unpacking and putting your own decor items around feels soooo good in a new place.
    I really feel for you in the heat though… I step outside these days and instantly feel nauseous. I think I would die without AC…

    • I might be dying a little by the end of the day. I come from FL and I know people lived there for centuries without a/c, but honestly I don’t know how. o.o

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