(Surprise) Mini Shower

My wife is the best wife. ;.; She has been apparently sneaking around for the past month to get all of our local friends together and have a mini baby shower/going away/please take our stuff party. And I had no idea.

My first inkling that something was going on was Saturday morning, when I saw the note that had been left out for me.

For some reason, I thought by “mini,” she meant super mini, and I got it into my head that it was going to be us, maybe a friend or two, and some cupcakes.

Haha, nope. More like all of our friends. It was great. I was so happy that they could all make it and chat and eat snacks with us. Lady even got some onesies for people to decorate and a blank alphabet book that people filled out with desert-related things.

It was chill in all the right ways. We chatted and laughed and chased pokemon and ordered pizza and then eventually migrated to the floor to play some Cards Against Humanity. Carefully not reading aloud some of the cards due to little ears being present.

I had just come to terms with not having any sort of shower, too. Between moving and it only being the beginning of the third trimester and going to a new place where we wouldn’t know anyone, I just assumed it wouldn’t happen. And I was okay with that because the bigger showers with all the diaper games and weird stuff just aren’t my jam.

But this – this was perfect. 🙂



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7 responses to “(Surprise) Mini Shower

  1. Laura

    It was so sweet of Dr. Lady to arrange a baby shower for you! I’m glad you had a fabulous time 🙂

  2. Those onesies are beautiful!

  3. Fat Girl Dancing

    The living room looks so weird white! 😯
    I’m so glad you had a wonderful shower!!

  4. Benni

    Those onesies are awesome! I’m glad you were able to have a mini shower. 🙂 Also, is that a sheet mask in the first pic? As someone who is incredibly lazy about skin care, I love sheet masks. ^_^;;;

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