3 Hour Glucose Test

tl;dr – it’s awful

Longer version: Even though I’ve cut my caffeine way back, going without my morning cuppa was difficult. Not eating, meh. I used to do intermittent fasts before TTC, so that wasn’t as big a deal.

But oh gosh, 100g of pure sugar on an empty stomach? That was awful. It was like chugging orange syrup. At first I was like, yeah, gross, but I got this, and then the nausea hit and I was no longer 100% sure I had it. I made the mistake of drinking some water, which made it even worse, but my strong stomach won out in the end and I didn’t throw up. Woohoo.

After that first hour, I started feeling more normal again, and then it was just a waiting game. Three hours and four blood draws later and I have two sore hands and an assurance that I will never have to take that test again.

Find out tomorrow morning.



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6 responses to “3 Hour Glucose Test

  1. oc15

    Blah. I forgot about that delightful orange stuff haha. Did i miss something? Did you fail your 1 hour test? Hope everything comes back fine for you.

    • I mentioned it in passing in the last update, but yeah – failed the 1 hour last week. I was coming off of a week of house hunting and bad eating, so here’s hoping.

  2. I feel your pain. I did mine over a week ago and here in the Netherlands they skip any other type of glucose test and go straight for the 3h one as their first screening mechanism. My arm is still black from the bloods they took. Hope your results are ok

    • Oh wow! Is that because the 1 hour so often gives false positives? That seems like a lot to make everyone go through, though. Thankfully, no bruising this time, but my hands are still sore.

      • Yeh here they skip the 1h completely, I believe they do it due to reliability and with most European things they rather save costs by doing the test once hahah. They only screen if you meet 2 out of 6 risk factors so they cut down a lot of people they have to screen. In NZ they make everyone for the 1h which I think is so responsible because you can’t predict who will get GD

  3. That sounds horrible, good work pushing through, hopefully your results are worth it

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