This Shit is Getting Real: Painting Party

With five weeks left before move-out day, and only three of which we’ll actually be in town for, we decided painting our lovely, colorful walls should happen sooner rather than later. For one, July is prime monsoon season and whoever said the heat in Arizona is a dry heat was lying to you, and for another, several friends would be quite busy themselves in July.

So. We planned. We organized. And we painted.

We started at 6am with cleaning walls and moving furniture. By 11am we were painting. By 5pm we were done painting. We had five sets of hands going and windows open and hot air blasting in from outside and music playing and food available and omg we were all a little high from the fumes by the end but then it was done and all we had left to do was, well, clean up and put the furniture back.

I am so, so glad we decided to do this a few weeks early. I’m also a little sad. We picked these apartments when we very first moved to AZ six years ago for a number of reasons, but one of which was that they allowed us to paint our walls. Having walls a color other than white was very important to me; I don’t like the sterile, dorm-room chic of white walls. So we had habanero red and beige for five years and this apartment felt like ours. Seeing them turned white (well, primer “white”) makes me a lot sadder than I expected.

Oh well. We had some good times here. But life doesn’t stop (can’t stop won’t stop). So onwards!













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2 responses to “This Shit is Getting Real: Painting Party

  1. Fat Girl Dancing

    It looks so weird!

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