Place Your Gender Bets Now!

Our next OB appointment is this coming Monday, the start of week 22, and we were warned it would be an ultrasound appointment. I’m just going to go out on a limb and say it’s out anatomy scan. Which means that, as long as Lady Jr cooperates, we’ll find out the sex.

Before we found out I was pregnant, I thought I’d prefer a girl. But now that I’ve been pregnant and been carrying around this little proto-human for a while, I honestly no longer care. Either is fine. Both is fine. We will smash the patriarchy together no matter the sex.

So, my own guess? Well, if we’re going by numbers, then the fact that all three of my nieces are girls and everyone I know offline has had a girl lately means we’ll have a boy. If we go by the number of times I’ve slipped and used a pronoun instead of it/they for Lady Jr, we’re having a girl. If we go by gut – it depends on the day!

According to yea olden wives’ tales:

Carrying high vs low: Low

Craving salts vs sugars: CARBS CARBS CARBS

Fetal heart rate above or below 140: 145

All the acne vs clear skin: Clear skin

Content of dreams: COVERED IN ANTS

Morning sickness?: Yes

Dry hands vs soft hands: Much drier than usual (and this is the desert!)

Boobs, which one is bigger: Left

Sleeping on the left side vs the right: Left

Moody or calm as iced tea: BITCH STAY BACK I’LL CUT YOU

Boy: 5
Girl: 5

There you have it. Even the old wives’ tales agree with me: we’re having both!

Make your predictions now. If you guess right, you will be rewarded with a smug feeling of satisfaction. πŸ™‚



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14 responses to “Place Your Gender Bets Now!

  1. AmyApplesnail

    Have you tried the Chinese gender prediction calendar? For some reason I trust that evidence-less old wives tale the most πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m voting girl. Because I’m totally biased.

  3. I’m voting boy. No rational reason. Also, all babies this early should have heart rate above 140 πŸ™‚ The boy/girl debate comes into play before delivery when boys are said to have slightly lower heart rates. So, that one might tip your wives’ tales count toward boy (?)

    Can’t wait to hear either way!

  4. Fat Girl Dancing

    I don’t even know! My uses is boy?

  5. I really wanted to say “boy”… but my gut says “girl”. So I will go with girl. I’m looking forward to my feeling of smug satisfaction, but not counting on it. πŸ™‚

  6. I’ll vote girl. Although my autocorrect just changed ‘vote’ and ‘girl’ to boy as I was writing, so maybe I should go boy…

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