17 Week Appointment

News: None.

Heartbeat: 145 bpm. Yay.

Weight accumulation: 4lbs since last visit. 1lb/week average.

Weight shaming: None.

Blood tests: Thyroid.

Other tests: None.

Fears quashed: Benadryl is okay and the burning pain in my abdomen is (probably) nothing to worry about.

Next appointment: June. 22 weeks. Ultrasound. Anatomy scan? Idk. I forgot to ask.



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4 responses to “17 Week Appointment

  1. I think anatomy scans are usually between 19-20 weeks?

  2. oc15

    is the burning in the upper right quadrant? like just below you rib cage?!

    • It starts at my belly button and then radiates out until it’s covering my entire abdomen. It’s very shallow/muscular in nature, which is why I didn’t really worry. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I literally couldn’t move for over an hour, I probably wouldn’t have asked about it.

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