Looks like we’re moving to Michigan towards the end of summer. Dr Lady was offered the fellowship not even a full 24 hours after we flew back home. We talked and she accepted – which is a major simplification.

I didn’t even have time to write about our trip first.

So here, in short: we flew out early Sunday and spent an entire day traveling. Monday Dr Lady met with everyone (literally: everyone) throughout the morning. I went my separate way and drove around the city, trying to get a feel for it.  In the afternoon, I walked across the campus to the biology building to meet up with Lady, where she gave a (stunning) seminar about her current research and her would-be future research. After her seminar, the fellowship people stole her away for a final interview with the whole group and the would-be PI and her crew of grad students tried to sell me on MI. Then the fellowship people took us both out to a (really) fancy dinner.

Tuesday was a tour of the would-be lab and an introduction (for Lady) of the other research going on there. Then lunch and the long drive then flight then flight then drive home. So a very short, whirlwind of a trip, hence the lack of updates.

Dr Lady came away from the whole thing feeling very much like she killed it and that they really wanted her and that she really wanted to be there. She did well and they think she’s smart (always a good thing) and the would-be PI is super supportive and even enforces a healthy work-life balance.

I came away feeling… a bit underwhelmed. But I can’t quite pinpoint why. I don’t know if it’s because the city is half the size of the one we currently live in or if it’s because the flora was so bare still and it’s pretty much May or if it’s the awful shape the roads are in (and I thought they were awful here) or the lack of tea shops (!!) or the general lack of culture and diversity or just the fact that after thinking we were going to France for a good solid six months there, anything else just doesn’t measure up.

It’ll be okay. I know it’ll be okay. I was super hesitant about moving to AZ and now I love it here. I’ll find the charm in MI and maybe even enjoy the winters. It’s just funny that I’ve been 100% ready to leave for the past year but now that we have a job offer and a move date, I’m suddenly digging in my heels.

I made a list of all the good things about moving to MI and I made a list of all the bad things, and the list of good is easily double the list of bad and not only that but half the things on the bad list are easily mitigated. Like, you know, getting a really good jacket for the cold and investing in lots of bright lights for the darkness and learning how to snoeshow for the long winters.

It’ll be fine. I think we’ll actually do well there. I just need to (re)find my excitement.

In the meantime, have a good things list:


Pros about moving to MI

  • Can rent a house (finally!)
  • Cheap rent/cost of living
  • Easier on cats (vs France)
  • Dairy store (grilled cheese Mondays)
  • Nerds (D&D and other boardgames)
  • Real autumn
  • Lakes and bodies of water
  • Outdoorsy community
  • River path
  • Highest salary
  • Can move sooner (so before too pregnant)
  • CSAs – a plethora thereof
  • Actual farm-fresh produce from real farms
  • Apple orchards
  • Apple cider donuts
  • Apple cider
  • Several large cities within an hour drive
  • Coast within 2 hour drive
  • Canada within spitting distance
  • Everybody (probably) speaks English
  • Cute Japanese garden (says Lady)
  • Already know a few people there
  • Closer to Chicago and Lady’s family in MN
  • Motherfucking fish ladder (& fish rodeo I don’t even)
  • Kayaking
  • Class on how to make your own snowshoes
  • Gardening
  • Tea season is every season
  • Spring flowers
  • White Christmases
  • Can bake all year round (without dying from the heat)
  • Maple syrup festival in the spring
  • Lots of outdoor summer activities (and won’t die from the heat)
  • Gorgeous campus
  • Five Crossfit gyms to chose from
  • A really supportive work environment for Dr Lady ❤
  • Much much easier for relatives to visit Lady Jr (than AZ & France)


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12 responses to “Michi-CAN

  1. Woohoo! It will definitely be a transition, which always brings challenges, but I think you’ll love it eventually. Definitely invest in a happy lamp for the winter (google it). Also, look for a house with a fireplace. If you don’t find one, invest in lots of great candles and candle holders. For some reason, in those dark, cold winters, real flame really helps elevate your mood.

    I hope the CF gyms are amazing and more supportive than your current one has been lately!!

  2. AndiePants

    I really like that 3 of the items on your list are apple/apple cider related. ❤

  3. So where is it, Ann Arbor?

  4. Fat Girl Dancing

    Michigan roads are AWFUL 😦
    But it can be very pretty!

  5. I’m on so excited to follow along on this journey!

  6. My wife lived in Michigan (Detroit) for work for almost a year and she actually really loved it. I don’t think she thought she would as much as she did, but it still holds a special place for her! I’m excited for you guys for this new adventure 🙂

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