13 Weeks OB Appt

No pictures this time. 😦 I guess I’m spoiled from the last two. I just assumed this one would include a regular ultrasound, but we did get to hear the heartbeat again. So there’s still something in there, and it’s still alive!

This visit turned out to be more what I was expecting the first time: a full check-over. It was also faster than the last one, even though there was more one on one time with the doc. Go figure.

Everything is fine. The only thing of note is that I get to stop taking the metformin in another week. I’ve been on that stuff for an entire year and I can’t wait! Even though I’m used to them, that’s still three less pills a day I have to take. Woohoo.

Now the question is: to tell extended family or not to tell extended family? I was planning on it after this appt, but then I also thought I’d have updated fuzzy photos. I’ll probably end up telling them because mom is literally figuratively dying from not getting to talk to anybody about it, just feels weird without something more concrete.

And the other question is: if the anatomy scan is at 18-22 weeks, and our next appointment is at the far end of 17, does that mean we have to wait another four weeks to find out Lady Jr’s sex?? Not that it really matters in the grand scheme of things, but oh, the cruelty!


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