The Window is Wide Open


Dr Lady spent a ton of time on the phone yesterday because the fellowship organization wants to fly her out ASAP and interview her and make her give a seminar about her Science. This is Really Good News and way, way sooner than either of us expected.

But interesting that both times that we’ve gotten bad news about France, within a week we’ve gotten some good news. The first time: a positive HPT. The second time: an interview. And the kind of interview where they are going to pay for her to come out, which basically means that as long as she doesn’t screw up in some major, amazing way, she’s got this (*knock on wood* [*knocks on self*]).

It feels a little like we’re settling, but I think that’s just mostly because of the location. The rest of the deal is sweet. Dr Lady likes the research and the direction she’ll be going in and with this fellowship, we can feed three mouths (five?? never forget cats) and keep a roof  over our heads until I’m ready/able to work again. The PI seems super nurturing and supportive, the opposite of what she has now, so she will learn and grow more. We can rent a house and have a garden and see a part of the country we’ve never seen before.

Even better, her PI specifically asked if I could come out too, so it looks like I’ll get to see MI first hand and (hopefully) do some neighborhood scouting.

So yeah. That’s cool. And it could mean we’ll know where we’re going much sooner than we expected. It would be nice to move out there while it’s still summer, so we can enjoy the positive aspects of living up north before the winter snow and ice closes in.



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19 responses to “The Window is Wide Open

  1. How exciting that they want you both to fly out! That’s fantastic!

    • I was tickled! When she was interviewing for grad school, I went with her to a few places, but no one ever asked me to come or said I should and I was surprised no one else’s spouse came either – like, how does no one see it’s a major life decision for *both* of us?

  2. I think it sounds great! I forget what part of Michigan you said it’s in (if you said), but there are a lot of really beautiful areas. Good luck!

  3. Erin’s family is all from Michigan. We drive up there from South Carolina every year, usually around Thanksgiving, for a week. We’ve talked about moving up there some day. They live outside the Detroit area, and once outside Detroit, the area is really, really pretty. I lived in Michigan for a year. You acclimate to the could pretty quickly 🙂

    • How is it around Thanksgiving? I would assume covered in snow at that point, but I could be wrong.
      I’ve seen a few photos of the autumn there that are beginning to really convince me. It’s helped that I’m way past the initial Michigan = Detroit association.

      • The year before last, it was pretty mild. This year, there was a snow storm and we got there.. and there was a foot of snow on the ground.

        The key is layers. Usually, I would have my clothes, a light jacket, and a heavy jacket for the really cold days, but it wasn’t really that cold, even with all the snow. I took my heavy jacket and only used it once.

      • I’m really more worried about the darkness than the cold. Already pricing sunlamps 🙂

      • How far north are you going to be??

      • 42.7° N? Coming from AZ/ FL tho, with 350 days of sun a year…

      • That’s like… on the same longitude as Erin’s family. How cool! It will be grayer and darker, but when I lived in MA on basically the same line, it wasn’t that rough. It was really weird at first though because the sun started setting before five on some days in December.

        One of my friend’s bought one of those lamps though, and he’s lived there his entire life. It helps him, so he’s said… but the biggest thing would be taking a vit. d supplement.

        I think you’ll really like it there because it’s really pretty. And if we ever move back, we might be neighbors! How crazy. 🙂

  4. Hey! I lived in Lansing for about ten years! I went to MSU!

  5. Yay! I also have family in Michigan! Sounds like a great opportunity!!

  6. Fat Girl Dancing

    OMG I will visit you all the time!! Whether you want me to or not!!
    I know some Lansing Lesbians if you are looking for community.

    • GLEE
      I priced Amtrak tickets to your City of Residence this morning and they are totally doable. It’s going to happen.
      Lansing lesbians?! Yes please!!

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